Sunday, December 29, 2013

~ stills - the last week of 2013 ~

1.  My Christmas Elves - I had this printed as a card - and I even managed to write and few and send them before Christmas.  Seriously of the 50 shots I took I think this is the only one where they all have their eyes open!

2.  Apparently teeny tiny car magnets (to fit inside those teeny tiny advent calendar boxes) adhere to the side of our table - who knew?

3.  Self seeded poppies growing madly where there should be veggies... maybe next year

4.  Podding peas for lunch - an age old tradition in both our families

5. Santa brought a cricket set.  And yes we were out there bowling to him in our pjs at 7am.

6.  Santa also brought water pistols (inspired?  mad?)  -  they were momentarily abandoned here for dessert

7. Taking the Christmas decorating just a step too far

8.  My Marley and Lockyer star  - I bought us all one this year - lovely new treasures for our tree.

9.  There are always lilies in the garden and in the house for Christmas

We had a relatively quiet (the neighbours may dispute that - we were up at 5am, playing cricket with very noisy appealing by 7am and then there was a LOT of screaming as the water pistol fights amped up during the afternoon) at home with mum and my in-laws.  We started lunching at 1 with prawns and seafood and finally finished with raspberries, pavlova and pudding at about 6pm.  There may have been napping between courses!  It was a lovely, relaxed day.

Tonight we headed down to the Taste of Tasmania with some friends  - fantastic entertainment, classic tempura mushrooms and some lovely Tassie pinot.  The kids sat entranced by the street performers and we chatted.  Now I'm supposed to be packing - we head to the shack tomorrow for a few weeks - my fingers are firmly crossed for sunshine and good tempers.

I'm linking up with Em at the Beetleshack sharing weekly stills - and I'm super happy to learn that the linky will continue in 2014 - sharing and remembering these little moments of our week is a lovely way to tell some of our story.



  1. Happy New Year to your lovely lot Ally! Sounds like Christmas was just perfect :) I'm a little excited that 'Stills' will be around next year again too... Lovely week to you.

    Sophie xo

  2. The elves photo is fantastic - and yes, it's so hard getting everyone smiling and open eyed at once! The toilet paper had me grinning and I'm excited to see the little cars. We had chocolate in our advent calendar this year, but I'm hoping to be more organised this year and do tiny presents. Now to remember the little cars for a whole year! Happy new year!

  3. Merry Christmas!

    Lovely photos!

  4. What a wonderful set of photos and isn't that what Christmas Day is all about. My kids were done and dusted with opening all their presents by about 5.15 am at which stage I had taken my photos and went back to bed for some well needed sleep. Actually this year I was in bed on Christmas Eve by midnight and relaxed, previous years it's been about 3am. Goodness knows what I do until that time....something like wrapping family presents, getting the Christmas table ready....making sure Santa has been and taking photos before the kids wake up. So this year it was good. Next year will be even more organized...well that's the plan, how the theory goes may be a different story. My kids were playing with their water balloons for a couple of hours in the back yard soaking wet. That's what I call an Aussie Christmas and of course I made a Pav as well. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  5. A very happy New Year to you Ally - love the sound of your Christmas Day and visit to the Taste, I do miss that about living in Hobart! I think the Christmas themed toilet paper is awesome! :)

  6. I love the photo of your 'elves' :) Getting any group of people to all look good in one photo is a tricky thing - we always have lots of weird & silly ones - they go in our calender though, lol

    hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  7. Gorgeous! Love those poppies! Backyard cricket reminds me of my childhood summer!! X


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