Sunday, December 15, 2013

~ our lives this week ~


1, 2 and 3 are from the garden tonight.  On manual - yay for me!!
Lilies always make me think of Christmas .. although I don't have any of those huge white ones that I love so much - maybe I'll plant some of them for next year.  The delphiniums just appeared from nowhere this year (how good is that?) - the blue colour looks great amongst all the pink and purple.

4.  Carols by candlelight in St David's Park last night.  One of my favourite nights of the year.  I love the lights, the joy on little faces, the singing... everything really.

5. Rainbow toes and raspberries.  He's the best picker because he doesn't like them!!  The girls eat way more than they get into their bowls.  We are enjoying their abundance for dessert (with icecream) and for breakfast (on weetbix and in smoothies).  YUM!

6.  I've sent a few cards and even wrapped a few presents.  Not enough though...there's still time ...right??  

7.  My first Christmas snail mail  - with a gorgeous clay tag - thanks Nadia

8.  We rehashed the reindeer noses idea from last year...too good not to use again as little class gifts.

9.  Nutmeg and Piccolo are so the lucky ones - more time in my bed than me.

My highlight of the week was Jack's nativity play at school - he was a very cute shepherd - I may have shed a few tears.     A few more days of school to go and then it's our very favourite time of the year....summer holidays.

I'm linking up with Em at the Beetleshack to share the ordinary and the beautiful parts of our week.


  1. Beautiful flowers from the garden and I love the last shot, kitty love indeed! Have a great week! x

  2. Most definitely gorgeous flower photos Ally. Oh yum raspberries I do love them, they are so nice on cereal. Still plenty of time to do that shopping, I got mine done yesterday, took all day though but it's done now. I do like those reindeer noses, very cute:) Have a wonderful week. xxxx

  3. Your flowers are just beautiful and those reindeer noses are so cute!

  4. I absolutely love this post. Your photos are always so stunning!
    Have a wonderful week, lovely!

  5. Beautiful moments as always Ally. Oh how could anyone not love raspberries! I'm sure he'll come round. A true joy of summer they are! x

  6. We love the Reindeer Noses cute... Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  7. Lovely snaps of your week Ally. Lilies remind me of Christmas too and our Wedding (which was Dec 28th) and so I absolutely adore them, and yours are beautiful. Hope you have a lovely final week of the school year. Bring on the holidays! Mel x

  8. What gorgy photos, Ally:) Mmmmm, those raspberries look delicious! Loving that spoon on top of your cup of tea. Look out, it's extremely stamp worthy;) x

  9. Beautiful flower shots, & I love your 'love' cushion, have a lovely week x

  10. I always adore your photos!!!!!!!!!!! I hope the lead-up to Christmas goes smoothly. Best Wishes for this festive season!!

  11. Looks like a lovely week, that cushion on your bed is so sweet!

  12. those flowers are gorgeous & I love how you've photographed your Christmas snail-mail :)


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