Sunday, November 10, 2013

~ this week around here ~

1.  Our new groovy doona cover - thanks to Sophie who alerted me to the fact it was back in stock - I missed out last year - I'm loving it

2.  The pink peonies ready to burst into bloom - so close now.

3.  We waited until show day to plant our tomatoes (a Tasmanian tradition) - the weather has not obliged by suddenly warming up - it's still stormy and freezing and we've had the fire going all week.  Luckily the little seedlings are still ok.

4.  Roses straight from the front garden  - their scent is divine.

5.  Lemon drizzle cake liberally decorated with violas as well - pretty and delish.

6.  Ever since he was tiny he's loved lining up cars - it's still his go to activity.  There's more evidence that kids live here here.

7.  The first peony 

8.  Grace's class are hatching bantam chicks this term - this was one of the first out - a very well loved chick.

9.  Leftovers from my garden mood board this week.  The granny's bonnets are coming up like weeds.  The rambly, chaotic English country style garden is so easy at this time of year - and so pretty.

The ballet concert is getting closer - apparently I have to paint the ballet shoes this week so they're pink again??

I'm also doing party invitations for both the girls birthdays and trying to learn my case for the med students exams this week.

How are things at your place?


  1. love the bedding & the roses

    busy, busy here :)

  2. Oh I love all of these. My garden is shutting shop for winter, so it's lovely to see your Peonies and the promise of what will be in a few months time.

    Leanne xx

  3. The spotted linen! I love it! And the wee chick, looks so soft. I bet its a well loved chick. x

  4. Love your bedding! Gorgeous photos x

  5. My linen arrived this week too :) Don't you just LOVE IT!!! Looks fantastic on your bed there!

    Sophie xo

  6. Beautiful pictures! We have that linen too, it's so lovely!

  7. I must say that peonies are one thing that could make me live in a colder climate, I think they are so very beautiful! Love your manchester, I have the ikea spots but don't know the others.

  8. Great shots - I loooove your doona cover!

  9. It always amazes me how different things can be on the other side of the same country! We have had around 50 tomatoes from two plants (mostly in one big go!) - I guess that's what living in the desert brings! I hope yours flourish in their time. We have enjoyed homemade pasta sauce for the last few weeks :)

  10. Oh that linen! I just love how perfectly the trucks fit in amongst all the flowers. Gorgeous!
    Sophie x

  11. I wish I could see your home in person... it really looks like such a lovely, serene, welcoming place. Love your new linen. I have a new quilt cover too... but mine is boring old white :)


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