Sunday, November 3, 2013

~ this week ~




1 and 2.  Spring is here - wild, wet, unpredictable - but with beauty like this I'm not complaining (much)

3.  Those Lindt Halloween balls were the best thing about the 31st.  We don't really mark it - have never done the dressing up or the trick or treating.. but we did have some random teens banging on the door this year - luckily I had some left over party bag lollies!

4.  Hama bead car production line - he's been a busy 5 year old this week.

5.  "It's called in-in-in-ingenious art".  Yes.  (And also indigenous).

6.  I bought a crabapple tree this week and my wonderful dad helped me bring it home and then the Doc planted it the next day.  Its making me very happy. 

7.  Ballet concert season is fast approaching.  I'm slowly getting better at this.  Slowly.

8.  I had to sew pink fluffy feathers all around this gorgeous tutu this week - I was petrified I would spoil its girly gorgeousness.  She's going to be a very cute bunny. 

How was your week?
Do you celebrate Halloween?

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  1. Love those purple blooms - I quite like the (predictable) unpredictability of spring! Hope you have a great week x

  2. Oh how I wish we had some of your wet weather it's become a very predictable hot hot here. What cute trick or treat choccies, we aren't big on it here either and if anyone stopped by they would be out of luck getting anything yummy:) Ahh dancing, it does take time to get use to all of it, such a busy busy time. Have a great week Ally. xx

  3. Gorgeous floral photos, and well done on the tutu! We're definitely Halloween fans - we love the sense of community it engenders.

  4. Yay for Spring and pink tutus (I'm sure she will be gorgeous!)
    Have a beautiful week, Lovely.

  5. I love all these pictures, I'm so glad you share all these snippets of your life. Sending much love,
    janine ♥


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