Sunday, November 24, 2013

~ stills from a week of birthdays ~





The weather has been foul here this week - cold and rainy - spring has virtually passed us by  - here's hoping that summer has a lot more to offer.
We've been busy with birthday celebrations and trips to the laundromat as our washing machine has given up the ghost for the 3rd time in a month (grrr...)
I thought I'd had the camera out a lot...but there weren't many pictures when I went to look...nearly all on the phone again - what would I do without it?

1. A card from me and origami flowers from her friend for our gorgeous 9 year old.  We had dinner with family and the friends that are family and her party is next weekend.  There was birthday pavlova but it was eaten before I got a decent pic!

2.  $6 roses from the lovely ladies at the Flower Room.  My garden is full of roses...but these smelt too good to leave behind.  They do awesome bikkies and cakes for last minute morning tea options as well.

3. Piccolo snuggled up on our bed (hiding from the rain) with a friend

4.  I made washi tape feathers.  I may have become slightly addicted to making these.  So easy.  So pretty.

5.  Party bag bits and pieces for the bowling party today.

6.  How can my baby be wearing size 13 bowling shoes already?  

7 and 8.  The party table from this afternoon.  You can't go wrong with flowers and spots!

Here's hoping this week brings a working washing machine, a happy 11 year old, a great pool party and some sunshine.

Joining up with Em at the Beetleshack to share some stills from our week.



  1. Ally, your photos are ALWAYS divine, truly!! Those origami flowers are cute.
    Have a great week - and I hope your laundry woes are sorted :)

  2. Hi there popping in from The Beetle Shack..............totally love the pretty table decorations with flowers and son turns 10 this do they grow up so fast!!! Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  3. The card and origami flowers are gorgeous together. x

  4. Happy birthday to all those in your household with birthdays! Your photos are stunning as always.

  5. Beautiful images! I have a thing for feathers at the moment and they look amazing!!

  6. So much beauty! I just adore the tables, flowers, feathers, oh my!
    Sophie x

  7. lovely photos! That table setting is gorgeous x

  8. Those feathers are so eye catching! Love all the's good to remember spring! It doesn't really happen here :)


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