Thursday, November 7, 2013

~ hoopla - a month of vignettes ~








{the whole hoopla}

I've been madly vignetting again this month.  Which means I've been slightly anxious (I'm an over thinker from way back), the house is messy and my phone is full of not-quite-right shots that I never get around to deleting.  

For some reason I set myself the added challenge of using the hoop in all the shots this week (probably to justify buying it last week - total impulse purchase - I can't imagine what I'm going to really use it for).

The top shot is the most exciting one as we are really in the middle of planning a European adventure next year - and Paris is definitely on the itinerary  - more details soon.  I can't choose a favourite this month.

Do you vignette??  Every month there's a little competition over on IG - and you know how much I love that community.  It's creative, inspiring and fun - I'd love to see you there.


  1. How exciting to be planning a family adventure in Europe! Something I'd love to do with my girls too, but I need to get cracking or school will take over for my oldest now that she is first year at high school. I love your vignettes! And I love in general seeing what everyone comes up with each month. I just haven't had much time lately to participate sadly.

  2. just gorgeous - love how you've used to hoop in each of them :)

  3. Beautiful Vignette shots Ally! Your Holiday and Recipe ones are my faves. You do really make it look easy. I tried 7 Vignettes last month and although it was fun, I was a total failure at it. I'm giving it a miss this month as I know I'd get far too obsessed with it and forget to feed the Kids or something :-) How exciting about your trip!!! Mel x

  4. I love every single one of these - the hoop is brilliant! I'm so excited (for you) and jealous (for me) that you're planning a Europe trip, including Paris - I can't wait to go back myself! x

  5. Wow, Paris... very exciting!! I can't wait to show that glorious city to my family one day!! For now, I'll have to live through your plans :) These vignettes are all so lovely... you have such a talent for styling. I love the hexagon shot x


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