Tuesday, November 12, 2013

~ 5.30 am : question time ~

5.26 am (or thereabouts)

Heavy footsteps.  Down the hall, down the stairs, right to my bedside (he's inherited the elephant like tread of his father and sister)

Mama?  Mama?  You wake?

(wee interlude.  heavy footsteps back to beside the bed)

He wriggles in.  
Moves into the spooning position for a "pwoper" cuddle.  
Shuts his eyes briefly.  Opens them again.
And the questions begin:

Where does the wind come from?

Why do volcaneys send out ash clouds?

Can ash clouds get in the house and kill you?

Why is a tree called a tree?

How will I know when I'm big?

How many days until Christmas?

If we get a dog and it eats the cats what will we do?

Why does the rain decide to fall?

Do dragons set fire to themselves?

Why is Christmas called Christmas?

What's the best way to fall down a mountain?

How many sleeps til Christmas?

Why are they called nostrils?

I know how the flower made ET die.  Do you?

Do you know what baby Jesus did?

How do bricks stick?

What is 55?

How do waves work?

What does just mean mummy?  I just don't get it.

So when is Christmas?

I'm not at my best at 5.30am but these are our best conversations.  In the warm fug of a snuggly doona, as sleep slowly loosens its grip, we chat. About anything he wants, wherever his questions take us.  

For an hour he has me all to himself while the house slumbers on.  

The responsibility, the privilege, the sheer wonder of parenting does not escape me.


  1. lol, 'do dragons set fire to themselves?' - what a wonderful list of questions :)

  2. So what is the best way to fall down a mountain Ally? Lol... I love his inquisitive little soul :)

    Sophie xo

    1. apparently its with your arms open wide to grab onto a tree or something!!

  3. You are a very kind, patient and loving mother, Ally. x

  4. That's so sweet, Ally. I get the hundred questions, too every morning when my little one squeezes herself into our bed. It's the best way to start the day :-)

  5. Ha, these are lovely! Thanks for sharing. Today's best question from my little one had to be 'Why doesn't Santa like the South Pole, mum?'

  6. This is so cute and I totally relate to this at the moment with an inquisitive three year old. So, I'm curious DO dragons set themselves on fire? ;)

  7. lol I was going to post and ask what you answer was for the Dragons setting themselves on fire question but a few people have already mentioned it. I have been asked this very question. Morning cuddles are the best :)

  8. Oh Ally, this is a beautiful post,.. it makes me teary reading your lovely words about that precious time of morning with your little one. The inquest of questions and the way little minds tick is so sweet. I had an almost hour long interrogation from Grace yesterday about the witch in Sleeping Beauty and the workings of her spells...

  9. That is so gorgeous Ally! Love this post xx


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