Sunday, November 17, 2013

~ stills - roses, chicks and snail mail ~






1 and 2.  Our front yard is a mass of pink and white roses at the moment.  I had a stranger come and knock on the door this week to compliment me on them - and ask me my secret - its neglect sadly!

3 and 4.  More chicks.  This one is Grace's favourite - Penguin is his/her name.  And this is her sketch of Penguin.

5.  Invitations for a joint pool party with her best friend.  Can't wait.

6.  Snail mail - always brightens my day - this was from a lovely IG friend in the states - its amazing what connections can be made through photo sharing.

7.  Investigating tadpoles at school.  Back legs have appeared this week.

8. and 9.   My favourite rose - Cecile Brunner - which also thrives on neglect (luckily) - I've been playing with these inside this week - I love their spicy, sweet scent.

Do you grow roses?  What's your favourite?
How's your week been?

I'm sharing the little things that have made my week at the Beetle Shack.



  1. Those roses are the bees knees! I don't have any in my garden and I'm not sure an amateur green thumb like me should tackle them yet - maybe one day? I love the drawing of the chick - so cute! x

  2. Hi Ally, visiting for the first time from Em at The Beetle Shack. Wow....those amazing are they? Your front garden is beautiful.

  3. Oh my! Those roses are divine!! And your poppet's drawing of the little chick is magnificent. Hope your week is a lovely one :) xx

  4. Oh my goodness, those roses! They are SO beautiful! Can I ask what type they are? And the little chick is too cute :) Have a lovely week! xox

    1. Yes, I was wondering what type they are too. I've seen them around town lately and would love some. BeItiful pics as always!

  5. Those roses are just BEAUTIFUL Ally. I've always been scared of trying to grow roses but I would love to have a bush as beautiful as yours to pick from and put into vases. Love that little chick drawing too:) Have a lovely week. x

  6. I'm not surprised that chap knocked on your door - they are equisite roses. I am intending on buying some roses for my garden this winter. I think people think they eed more attention than they do, me included.

    Gorgeous photographs. I love the drawing of the chick!

    Leanne xx

  7. Hi there popping in from the beetle shack. A beautiful set of photos. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  8. Your roses are breathtakingly beautiful Ally! What a compliment to have a stranger knock on your door like that :) We have icebergs down the side of our driveway and Double Delights in our front garden bed... such a beautiful scent. Have a wonderful week ahead xx

  9. Those roses are incredible. The previous owners of our house planted a large rose garden & they have thrived on neglect. I think once they're established & if they're in the right spot, they grow well x

  10. I never gave much thought to roses, that is until we moved in to this house and its amazing (overgrown) garden.
    The previous owner obviously loved them and there are all sorts of beautiful blooms scattered around. Their scent and colours have me swooning regularly. I don't know any of their names or even the terminology, but I have been particularly enamoured by those that are peony like (doubles?).

    Yours are spectacular!

  11. Oh those roses! They are something out of the secret garden! I'm in love..
    Such fabulous snail mail too!
    Sophie x

  12. Oh my gosh, your roses are AMAZING! I'd be spending a fair bit of time out there just gazing at that sight. Are they the Pierre de Ronsard? I've seen similar at the Botanical Gardens. We have a couple of roses planted by the previous owner and I'm not sure what they are but I love them - they're red, yellow and small peach ones. Have a lovely week, hope the weather continues like today, just lovely. Mel x

  13. Wow! what a welcome your roses are. For the first time, in over 8 years, I'm sad I pulled all my roses out, even though they were a breeding ground for anything with eight legs and not as nice as yours. Just beautiful.

  14. What a beautiful collection, they just seem to capture the essence of spring so perfectly. Your roses are just perfect, if they thrive on neglect maybe I should get some!

  15. Such beautiful roses! Love the sketch, very cute.

  16. Seeing those roses has made me pine for Tassie -- they just don't grow like that in sand! Beautiful photos, Al. I enjoy all your posts ...


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