Sunday, May 19, 2013

~ snippets ~


1.  Lots of leaf throwing on the kinder excursion to the Botanical Gardens this week.  I love how this one turned out.
2.  A very organised 4 year old lives here apparently.  You wouldn't know it from the state of his bedroom.
3.  Nutmeg, our very fat tabby cat coordinating beautifully with the green background
4.  On the sculpture trail at Birchs Bay - I submitted this photo into a competition they were running this year and look...
5.  It made it into the exhibition along the trail. Yay!!
6.  It's been a very mild start to autumn - here's the gang still wearing shorts at Salamanca this week.
7.  This happened this week.  Oldest reading to youngest so I could make the lunches and have a shower in the morning chaos.
8.  New fingerless gloves for everyone (these are Lil's) from the flower room.  Gorgeous colours, snuggly alpaca yarn and all of $8-$9 each!!
9.   A very confused ranuncula who appeared a good 3-4 months early this week.  
10.  More beautiful autumn colour - I really fall in love with leaves at this time of the year.
11.  The view from the cafe at Peppermint Bay today...after our walk along the sculpture trail we had coffees, fat chips and the best aioli.

I'm joining in with  the lovely Em to share some bits of our week.
Enjoy your week.


  1. It's all wonderful. Well done on your inclusion in the exhibition!
    Looks like I will have to pop into the flower room :)

  2. Lovely photos, I love this time of year too. How exciting to see your picture in the exhibition- well done!

  3. Your photos are lovely. Congrats on making it into the exhibition!! x

  4. I love autumn too, beautiful captures here. Very exciting about the exhibition!

    Have a great week. Cat xox

  5. Just beautiful photo's. So wonderful and bright. Congratulations on the exhibition - amazing.

  6. Gorgeous gorgeous photos Ally - the colours, the light, everything. How exciting to see your photo on the sculpture trail like that. Did you know it was going to be there or was it a surprise? Even if you knew it was going to be somewhere along the trail, I bet it was more than slightly thrilling when you came across it!
    Amanda x

  7. beautiful collection of photos - congrats on the competition!

  8. You are a clever photographer. Such lovely work. xx

  9. These are just beautiful Ally. That photo of your little boy is great and your cat is just gorgeous too. Congratulations on your photo being shown in the display how cool:) xx


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