Tuesday, May 14, 2013

~ lists about biscuits and things... ~


A catch-up pictorial list of lists!
I remember to post these on instagram but then forget to update them here.
I think we're up to week #18 - and I'm really enjoying this #52 lists project - thanks Pip!

What are your favourite biscuits?
Do you still have your swap cards??

(ps - I did add another thing to my warm my heart list before I stuck it in my journal - witnessing a birth - I've been lucky enough to have been present at many births as part of my medical training  - I think I've cried at every single one)


  1. Gorgeous lists! I think there's a real grounding feeling in remembering what you loved as a kid.

  2. Beautiful childhood memories..I wonder if you still enjoy many of those same things

    1. Ps I too was fortunate to witness birth, my niece allowed me the privilege of being there fr her firstborns delivery.

    2. Hi Lea
      I actually looked at the list and thought about that the other day - I haven't played elastics for years and my swapcards are packed away but everything else still gives me joy!!

  3. my childhood favourites list would be very similar! elastics,skipping, yo-yoing.... and my strawberry shortcake doll.
    loving your lists xx

  4. I love looking at your favourites lists so many of them are favourites of mine too. Loved elastics but was never very good at getting too high, love bbq shapes, love kind friends and best friends. One of my favourite biscuits were those lemon biscuits that had a little bit of salt on the outside, as for swap cards I don't remember having any......xx

  5. Love reading your lists :) I have a recipe for raspberry melting moments which I love, and I also like almond bread. Elastics was something I loved as a girl too, along with being a bookworm and choosing mixed lollies :)

  6. As a rule any home-made biscuit is tops.
    My daughters are making super chococolate eurovision biscuite taday
    A once a year treat.Yum:)

  7. mmm, biscuits :)

    honey cookies (homemade), almond bread, ginger nuts...


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