Thursday, May 16, 2013

~ orphaned postcards ~

This post's for the snail-mail lovers out there.

I've just sent these seemingly random postcards off to the postmuse in the states as part of her orphaned postcard project.  The gist of the project is that postmuse has hundreds of blank postcards listed on her website that you can choose from - she sends them to you in an envelope and then you send them back with a stamp and a message.  She then blogs about them as they arrive (well, somewhat belatedly).

I chose these three as I had a story to tell about each of them - my grandmother used to read Orlando to us and she also had an enormous ginger cat that we thought was Orlando.  I have a great anecdote about being chased by a bull on the Isle of Skye (with David running faster from it than me - oh brave boyfriend that he was) and my aunt lives on the circus in Bath - in a similarly grand house as one of these.

I know that writing to strangers is not for everyone but this is a sweet project to be part of (and as there aren't many other mail projects going at the moment this was perfect for me this month).

What's your current project?
I'm hoping the sewing bug hits again soon so I can get back to my patchwork quilt project ... its been way too long between hexagons.


  1. What a nice idea Ally, though I think the recipient gets she best end of this deal. Wow, your aunt lives in an amazing spot. I've not been to Bath but it does look wonderful.
    I'm going to do another round of Good Mail very soon :)

  2. What a great idea! I love receiving snail mail! xx

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  4. Great stories. I loved seeing the Circus first hand. It is so Jane Austen. I wish one of my rellies lived there!


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