Wednesday, May 22, 2013

~ the one with the brussel sprouts ~

This week we got our first (of many, I'm sure) fresh veggie boxes from Hilbarn.

They gather fresh, seasonal products from Tasmanian farmers, pack it all up and deliver it (weekly or fortnightly) to various locations around the state.
I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing about this for ages - load of people seemed to be happily on board but I was a bit unsure about being stuck with ingredients I'd never use and could see myself guiltily feeding them to our worms.
Then, yet another friend raved about her box of goodies on fb last week and I took the plunge.

Total worst case scenario...our box came with brussel sprouts.

I don't think I'm a picky eater...but brussel sprouts...
I loathe them.
My mother forced us to eat them.  Far too often. 
They were bitter and yucky and just the smell of them made me feel like puking.
(and then we went to the UK and they treated them like the gods of the vegetable kingdom.  I initially thought it was some practical joke but when people fought for my discards...well, I was only too happy to offload them)

So last night the Doc cooked them.
Lightly steamed.
A hint of butter.
And in the spirit of "do as I do, not as I say" (I'm always nagging the kids to just try something new) I nibbled the edge of mine ... and then found myself eating the lot. And 2 out of 3 kids did too.

Verdict... I'm not a sprout convert... but....  I can think of worse (the grey wrinkled broad beans of my youth, lambs fry, any offal product...)

I'm planning veggie soup, roquette and tuna pasta and a fresh radish salad this week.
The carrots, pears and apples are already gone.

We'll definitely be signing up for more deliveries... one less stop on my weekly (it's really daily but I like to pretend I'm organised enough to go weekly) shop makes me a happy girl.  And one who will have to branch out and try new things.  That can only be good... right?

Are there any foods you hate?
Are you bravely trying any new recipes this week?  Please share.


  1. If you chop the sprouts finely and cook them with bacon and onions like cabbage, you'll be a convert. Hilbarn converted me and the luthier to sprouts! I never thought that would happen.

    1. I love that everyone has a recipe for them...and that they nearly all include bacon!!
      I wonder what the non pork eaters do??

  2. A box of fresh farm goodies sounds too good to pass up. I guess you will be forced to be a little creative at times, but I think it will be great.

    1. I'm hoping so Karen. I'm also hoping it will convince Mr Fuss (the 4yo) to be a bit braver in his choices/

  3. mmmm, fresh veggies, yum!
    Nothing new on the menu this week - a few weeks ago we decided to have a week of meat-free meals & I made a couple of new dishes for that. Including a 'spouffle' (a soufflé with pasta & zucchini in it).

    1. great word! how did it taste?

    2. I was delicious :) It's a River Cottage recipe - from the Veg Everyday cookbook.

  4. That's exactly the way to cook sprouts (and the hens love the leftovers). What a lovely box of goodies x.

  5. The box looks great! The kids happily tell me the reason we begin liking foods when we are older is because ageing has caused some of our taste buds to perish. I'm like you- I don't like Brusselsprouts and broad beans.

  6. I love Brussel sprouts! Steamed and dipped in tamari sauce! My three year old loves it too. Hubby thinks we're crazy :) xx

  7. I'm with you on the brussel sprouts I really don't like them at all but hubby does so since I do the shopping they have somehow not found their way into the trolley;) If I had to pick a veggie I didn't like it would have to be onion, I know how could one not like onion. It's not the flavour so much but the crunchy texture I really don't like one bit so if a recipe wants onion I chop it large so I can pick it out or make it really small to it gets all mushy:) xx


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