Wednesday, May 8, 2013

~ may vignettes ~

{day 1: hanging.  Rainbow brights, whimsy and hearts in my daughter's room}

{day 1: hanging (version2)  - On our colourful hooks in the foyer}

{day 2: labels.  The Scarborough Fair version}

{day 3: timber.  Seeing the wood and the trees}

{day 4: colourful.  Imagining a new corner in our dining area}

{day 5: porcelain/ceramics.  Some favourite pieces on my table}

{day 6: dining.  A seasonal offering}

{day 7: travel.  I'm a traveller (and a collector)}

I've just enjoyed another week playing #7vignettes along with the fabulous IG community that the lovely Jen from the Interiors Addict blog has created with her monthly competition.
Lots of gorgeous, inspiring, fun shots.  
Lots of chat and encouragement. 
So much creative fun.

I didn't go with any over riding theme (or forward planning).  
I got up each day and searched the house for inspiration. 
I think I'll try and be more organised next time - I get a bit frustrated when I can't find what I want/need or the light changes or it just isn't working. 

My favourite day was dining - I think keeping it simple works for me.
I loved colourful too - I want our house to look like this all the time!


  1. gorgeous vignettes - I love 'timber'

  2. Gorgeous. I love the simplicity of "dinning"

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  4. It's lovely to see your collection as a whole Ally, and as decent sized images so I can see all the thoughtful details you put in. Sometimes instagram is just too small! I loved your dining image too, but still hum along to that labels 'tune'!

  5. I loved your vignettes (as always) Ally - just beautiful! :)


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