Wednesday, May 1, 2013

~ garden mood board April/May 2013 ~


It's May.  Nominally autumn but feeling very wintery.
The chill air bites in the mornings and evenings, the scarves are out, umbrellas are by the door. 
The garden has been calling for rain and today it's here.  The fire will be lit soon.

Moment to moment, day to day the garden changes in autumn as the leaves change and fall, the light softens.  
The last of the roses and cosmos are still blooming, I spy an occasional windflower and dahlia.  Our vegies are finished, the salad leaves gone to seed.
For the first time I've raided the neighbour's garden as well - those red hips were just too good to resist and ours are gone to an over vigorous pruner.

Each month I link with lovely people to share mood boards of what's happening in our gardens.
How does your garden grow?


  1. These are inspirational.
    Our garden too has had some rain finally and looks much revived.
    Autumn colours about as do cold morning:)

  2. Ally, these images are stunning. Autumn is putting on a beautiful show for you xx

  3. This is so pretty, love rose hips and colourful acer leaves. It looks like you are enjoying a beautiful autumn this year (or early winter). Have a wonderful Thursday and thank you for sharing! xx

    Ps. I think you added the wrong link? ;) They are also doing monthly mood boards but you need to be a member to post on their site (sorry for making it confusing).

  4. Very different blog, thank you for your sharing

  5. I love the autumn colours even though I´m so happy right now that spring is finally here.

  6. My garden, it was planted out with vegies, but my leeks they are not growing, I think either the birds ate them too quickly, or they just decided to curl up and die. The beetroot and spring onions are on the way though.

  7. I love the contrast of the warm autumnal colors and the slate grey background. Beautiful photography!


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