Sunday, April 21, 2013

~ a peek at our week ~



Photos this week are all from my phone again - and some have already been shared on IG.  It's like instant blogging.

1. Cosmos in my garden.  The one shot from 50+ that I was happy with as I continue to experiment with my real camera on M.  I am frustrating myself at how slow I am to understand the whole shutter speed/aperture thing.

2.  Ballet lesson.  We're only allowed to watch once or twice a year.  Grace is 2nd from the L - I was shocked by how tall and thin she looked in this shot.

3.  I've had another lucky week!  I won a give-away on this beautiful blog.  Thanks Ness!! 
I was lucky enough to open a parcel with a plate, necklace and two gorgeous little tags.  The hair slides I made...they're very happy in their new home.

4.  Frosty has been hiding in the freezer for a few weeks so that he felt at home.  It felt cold enough this week for him to come out and explore.

5.  PJ day at school.  

6.  We went to Launceston to watch Freo play Hawthorn.  Not the best result for us but its been so long since I watched live football.  We used to go all the time when we lived in Perth (pre-kids).  This was the obligatory stop on the way at Campbell Town.  Lovely soft, autumn light through the windows at the Red Bridge Cafe.

7.  A daily dose of pretty on my IG feed (well, most days)

8.  Cutest stamp ever on one of my postcrossing cards this week.

It's  school holidays now.  We're off to the Great Ocean Road to meet up with some friends who are driving across from Adelaide.  So exciting.

Hope your week is fabulous. I'm joining in with  the lovely Em to share some bits of our week.


  1. Beautiful photos, great job with the manual on the camera- you'll get it soon enough, you take gorgeous photos. So cute to have a pj day- they don't do that in high school:(

  2. Aperture and shutter speed frustrate me too! I can master anatomy of the human body but not aperture, gargh! Great shots, particularly Red Bridge Cafe, love it.

  3. That first photo is just beautiful Ally, it's a wonderful capture. The whole manual thing is just a balancing act between them all, still playing around with it not sure if I've got it right though:) Have a wonderful time away on holidays yeah sounds like you're going to have lots of fun. Take care. xx

  4. Love these - especially the one from the cafe. I haven't been there, but will have to go there now just to see that beautiful light! :)

  5. You took these with your phone? They are incredible! x

  6. All so lovely! I hope you are having a wonderful trip. I'd love to do the Great Ocean Road one day :)

  7. love the first & seventh photos - gorgeous :)

  8. Beautiful images! loving the pj shot, so cosy looking! x

  9. I did wonder about the polar bear!

    Have a great holiday x.

  10. What a fun series of images. Especially love the ballet lesson!!

  11. lovely, lovely shots. every single one of them.

  12. Just found your blog after following you on Instagram - love these photos and look forward to reading this blog as you post. :)
    Hope you're having a lovely week!
    Abbie (@abbie_melle)

  13. What a beautiful photo blog! FOund your blog on Aussie Girl blogs. Love the pins in #3

  14. Those clips are just gorgeous!! We've dug out the winter PJs and dressing gowns here too :) Autumn has finally arrived in Perth :)


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