Sunday, April 7, 2013

~ the week that was ~

1. I'm picking dahlias from my dear neighbour's garden while she's away (with permission) - our vases have been full of beauties like this all week.

2.  Playing with vignettes again on instagram (more photos tomorrow) - star anise is so pretty.  We got lots of the herbs and spices out afterwards to smell and explore.

3.  The scarves are out against the chilly autumn mornings and evenings.

4.  My kinder boy cannot stop writing his name.  On EVERYTHING!  At least we won't lose them.

5.  Tomatoes sitting along the window sills to ripen - there are still lots of green ones to bring inside and they taste amazing.

6.  We moved (or rather the Doc moved) this groovy coat rack from Gracie's room down to the back entrance area.  Practical and beautiful.

7.  Lemons from my lovely neighbour  (see above) - there is lemon drizzle cake in the oven as I type - its starting to smell amazing.

Joining in with lovely Em and others for weekly stills.
Hope you have a lovely week.


  1. A beautiful collection of stills Ally, I love each one of them. The dahlias must be a wonderful treat to enjoy as well as the lemons.

  2. Woah those dahlias are outta control. What a treat!

  3. looks like such a colourful week! lovely photos.

  4. Just lovely! What beautiful details from your week xx

  5. Gorgeous photos Ally! Happy Sunday!

  6. That shoe! How precious :) Lovely pictures.

    Sophie xo

  7. When you put out your first line of postcards with your photos let me know - I love your photos!
    At least he wrote a name on his crocs. My kinder kid scribbled all over her gumboots recently!

  8. Beautiful week.
    You can make a chutney from green tomatoes. If it gets too cold for them to ripen any more:)

  9. every time i see dahlia's they remind me of my nanna, she grew them every summer. i have never tried to grow them funnily enough, maybe something to try this year! lovely lovely stills x

  10. gorgeous photos, love the star anise :)

  11. We have a lovely neighbour like that. They get eggs from our hens when we are away, I get the pick of her greenhouse when they are away :-)

  12. What a lovely neighbour!

    Well done Jack. My Zoe is the same. She can only write Zo and 3 (she is 3 years old), the "e" is a bit tricky still. Such a cute age.

  13. lemon drizzle cake sounds amazing!


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