Thursday, April 18, 2013

~ baking, relaxing and my style icons ~

Autumn's chill is definitely here today - I've lit the fire (before lunch.  I've heard that lots of people try to wait until Anzac Day for the first fire but we've had an occasional one for a few weeks now - I do love the comfort of it), put the uggs on and am craving soup.

I'm also catching up with my list making - I've been posting them on IG but not getting around to putting them on here.

So here are my favourite things to bake (keep in mind I am no baker), my style icons (I struggled with this one but it seem Quentin is up there for lots of us according to the IG comments) and what I find relaxing.


Who are your style icons?
Are you relaxing or baking today?

I'm joining the #52lists project here.


  1. Grace Kelly would definitely be on my list of style icons, such elegance. And a clean house is a relaxing one for me too... if only it would stay that way. I'd add Kate Middleton to my list of style icons... I love almost every outfit I've seen her photographed in. As for today, we baked muffins yesterday so to sweet treats today but some roasted chicken breasts wrapped in prosciutto will be going into the oven tonight. Autumn has finally made its way here too... no heater yet or ugg boots, but it's definite cardigan weather after what feels like an endless summer of heat. Enjoy the rest of your day x

  2. Grace Kelly is top of my style icon list! I'm not much of a baker of sweet things, but have recently started baking gluten-free bread and it is amazing to finally eat bread that is fresh and tastes like bread! I love that first image Ally - the colours are magic x

  3. I do enjoy snooping around in your lists. I'm quite surprised that Princess Diana is on your style icon list. She was a beautiful, stylish woman but tragically flawed.

    No baking or relaxing for me today, but at least the weather is better and gardening is well under way.

  4. And nice doodles they are too. And a lovely list. I've really been struggling with my style icons list, hence the lack of it as yet, but I'll get there. Princess Diana is definitely on it. I still look at photos or video of her, and think how amazing she was. Tragically flawed yes, but look what she had to deal with. Baking will be on the weekend. Nigella's brownie is my go-to thing at the moment. Trouble is, I'm tempted to go-to it just a little too often once it is in the cupboard! xx

  5. We have our fire on too. Actually we have had it on A LOT lately *blushes*

  6. No baking today, but I made scones earlier this week :)

    that first photo is so gorgeous - I wish we got more autumn colour around here.


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