Monday, April 8, 2013

~ the photographer as detective ~

Jack has been sporting new eczema round his lips - red and sore and unsightly.
I hadn't seen him licking them and he's not generally prone to it so we were a bit baffled.
And then I took some shots of him drawing and writing on the weekend 
(because it feels like that's ALL he does at the moment).

And behold.... the tongue of concentration.
It dances as he writes.
(I was laughing so much most of the shots were blurry).

Mystery solved.
Handwriting - coming along beautifully.



  1. He's got such neat writing for a small child!! Very cute pictures - I hope you find a solution soon! <3

  2. Oh dear! Major concentration. Eczema is such a bother. I hope it sorts itself out soon :)

  3. Ally I love these photos of Jack so full of concentration, so so cute. His writing is so beautiful and neat, well done Jack. xx

  4. Bless him! Dear little guy. Such cute photos - they'll make you smile still in years to come. Let's hope the excema responds well to pawpaw lip balm!

  5. When My oldest had a similar problem we had him use papaw ointment as a lipgloss that we extended over the top. It didn't stop the tongue but protected him until he grew out of the habit.

  6. What a sweetie! Such concentration! His writing is so neat xx

  7. Such cute photos! Love the concentration! My sister used to lick her up lips in concentration like that and get an excema-like mark - eventually she just stopped doing it xx

  8. Cute photos. I love the writing enthusiasm. I can empathise in regards to the eczema. It is the bane of my life!

  9. Love the 'concentrating tongue' :) Grace is forever drawing thesedays too... I have pages of her drawings everywhere around the house thesedays...


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