Friday, January 9, 2015

~ what a difference a year makes ~


Last year all he would do was bat (and he'd never admit to being out).
Last year we'd bowl and bowl and bowl and he'd hit 1 in 10 (if that).
He hated fielding, he couldn't catch, he sulked whenever anyone else batted. 

This year he's happy to bat and bowl and field. 
He bowls a mean Terry Chappel underarm. 
He prowls in the field like Viv Richards and he hits like George Bailey. 
He's still learning to catch.

What hasn't changed is that it's all he wants to do all day 

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  1. Hi there...I stumbled upon your blog and am just loving looking at all your beautiful summery images. Makes me homesick just looking at the cricket on the beach shots 😄


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