Tuesday, January 20, 2015

~ nights by the sea ~

2 am

Awake (again).

Thoughts tumbling around in my head, jostling each other for space ... to-do lists, plans for the year, worries, hopes, dreams ...

The darkness is complete (no street lights here) ... heavy, salty and warm.

The sound of the ocean pulses through me ... relentless, persistent ...  but calming.

And the longing to live by the sea, to have my insomnia soothed by the waves is with me again.

Maybe one day.


  1. It's a terrible feeling, not being able to sleep. I love the soothing sounds of the ocean too. Hope you get some rest.

  2. I agree entirely. The sounds, the smell—such natural soothers.

  3. I hope you get that dream hun. The ocean is my sanctuary and my tonic for everything too. I hope rest comes soon for you, as do those dreams xx

  4. "Heavy, salty and warm" sums up the feeling for me right now too, Ally. x

  5. Lovely words. There's something so magical about being lulled to sleep by the sound of waves nearby xx


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