Wednesday, January 14, 2015

~ our joyful moments - week 2/52 ~

We both chose stormy days this week.  

I try and walk along the beach most mornings when we're on holidays. This was early before a big thunderstorm later in the day. The pier burnt down 80 years's very photogenic. 

Karin ventured outside on what looks like a very bleak day ... brave lady!

#ourjoyfulmoments2015 is a weekly photography project between Karin and I. Our January photographs are all nature themed. 

What's your joy this week?


  1. Beautiful photographs! My joy this week would definitely have to be time spent with family in our swimming pool. I live in Brisbane and it has been a scorcher over the last week. Very hot and humid! The pool has fabulous :-)

  2. These are both such emotive images this week. To me, both somehow speak of hope. x


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