Thursday, January 1, 2015

~ our joyful moments - week 51 and 52 ~

Still playing catch-up with this project!!

Week 51 was all about exciting snail mail (mine from Sweden!) and Christmas cookie making.

Week 52 was a summery Christmas table (here) and a frosty landscape.

What a fabulous project #ourjoyful moments has been.  We're planning even bigger and better things for this year - so stay tuned.

(There might even be a blog post later today as I'm about to delve into the photo library and see if I can find all the shots for the year. 

IF I had a good editing/filing system that would be a simple task - but I can see myself sorting through every photo for the year searching....)


  1. Looking forward to your plans for this year! I understand your photo filing system- its a bit like mine :)

  2. simply lovely & I've really enjoyed seeing the images you've both posted for the project :)


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