Saturday, January 10, 2015

~ 10 on 10 (January 2015) ~

The 10 on 10 project has fascinated me for a while now...and I always mean to join in but forget until I see the photos popping up in my feed again.

I'm so happy I remembered this year... its a good start! 

1.  Starting the day with a foreshore walk is one of the best things about being at the shack

2.  Spotted these 3 fluffy owls on the way down to the beach 

3.  Rinsing his cuttlefish collection to reduce the stink factor 

4.  Hydrangeas along the back wall of our shack

5.  Loving the pompom action on my niece's sarong

6.  My fielding position for the epic cricket game 

7.  He really does think he's George Bailey 

8.  Dangerous games 

9.  Waiting for her turn on the kayak 

10.    Washing line full of towels

11.  The end of a wonderful day 

(Of course there's more than 10!)


  1. I usually forget too but finally remembered today I'm glad you did too. You've captured a beautiful collection of photos from your day. I love the owls all huddled up together:) I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and thank you soo much for the beautiful Christmas gift. xxxx

  2. Looks like a lovely beach holiday! Love the pink in the hydrangeas & the pom poms :)

  3. I love the owls in the tree, we had some in our street a couple of years ago and they were just adorable. Awesome pic. I love the one of the little dress with the balls on the end, love the perspective. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  4. Oh I love these! I think the owls are my favourite too - look at them all bunched up together! Wonderful! x


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