Tuesday, October 28, 2014

~ our joyful moments - week 41 and 43 ~

Somehow I've got mixed up with my weeks and missed a post.

So this week I'm sharing two - weeks 41 and 43.

I've gone for cuteness this week - we visited our cousin's farm over the weekend and fell in love with Tiny Tim the poddy lamb they have been hand rearing since his mother died.  He thinks he's a puppy and now my children want one too!

Karin found these gorgeous autumn leaves on an outing with IG friends.  Love those colours.

(And two weeks ago I was mesmerised by the afternoon light in my backyard - we are slowly growing our own bluebell forest!
Karin was deciding on paint colours - such pretty colours again).

#ourjoyfulmoments is a weekly photography project where we share the little things that bring us joy.

What's been your highlight this week?


  1. that lamb is adorable! & I just love the colours in both the photos for week 41 :)

    It hasn't happened yet, but I am very much looking forward to celebrating my youngest sister's birthday on Friday. She'll be 20!?!? which is kind of mind-blowing, but I'm looking forward to the celebrations.

  2. Oh my goodness how cute is Tim and those bluebells are so pretty. Have a great week Ally. xx


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