Sunday, October 12, 2014

~ some school holiday stills ~

Following our grand adventure in Europe earlier in the year we thought some quiet time at home these holidays was in order.  We didn't make many plans and the days unfolded slowly - some playground time, crafting, gardening, time with friends, cooking, playing, wandering, Harry watching.  

1.  Cecile Brunner roses are my faves - I found these today - the first of the season

2.  We made Gourmet Girlfriend's sausage rolls (and the spinach and feta ones) - they were both fantastic

3.  Poppy undressed

4.  A wander through the Japanese Gardens at the Botanical Gardens

5.  While the girls and I embarked on a Harry fest,  Jack was allowed some unfettered screen time.
(he's not allowed to watch Harry yet - house rules state you have to read the books first)

6.  Holiday traditions - we always paint our toenails.  Jack is in charge of colour arranging

7.  I worked my last clinic shift for one of my (very) part-time jobs.  They gave me flowers.  I love that.  This is the most amazing dahlia.

8. It was world post day on October 9th  - I sent some post cards and made a little vignette.

9.  Faffing with flowers for instagram - I waste many hours doing this - so much fun.

Have you just had holidays?  What were your highlights?


  1. Love your stills Ally! My favourite ones are the first and the third. So pretty! Have a lovely week ahead! x

  2. A great set of pics. Love the one sitting on the couch in the dark with the laptop. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  3. Gorgeous photos Ally. Today is our last day of school holidays (pupil free day). Like you the second week of ours (after going away for the first week) has been relaxed and low key... highlights for me have been the simple days... pottering at home, crafting, baking and enjoying the sunshine xx

  4. Oh I like the look of those sausage rolls! Can't believe we've already been back at school for a fortnight - I've a feeling this term is going to zoom past!


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