Sunday, October 5, 2014

~ memory keeping ~

Notes for October 5, 2014
Daylight saving started today - I love this time of year - my favourite flowers are blooming, lighter evenings means my days feel longer, we're rolling towards birthday season and the end of the year
Blustery, chilly winds with warm sunshine today- I was sure the roof was going to go last night.
Grace is sailing on the river for a friend's 10th birthday and the others are playing cricket in the garden.  
The roast is sitting on the bench ready to go in the oven (lamb AND chicken tonight because David let them choose) and Lily is making chocolate pudding for dessert.  The one my mum calls cow pat pudding.


I've kept a diary on and off for as long as I can remember.
At times regularly, other times very intermittently.
With words mainly - sometimes pictures, ephemera
I found some of my old ones tucked away in a cupboard I was cleaning out today (still trying to get on top of the spring cleaning).
I got lost in my memories


This is October 5 from the diaries;

2103 - Sunday - David at work.  Lazy, happy Sundaying.  Playing, fighting, chinese checker tournaments, colouring in, cooking.

2012 - I had a one day extravaganza at Floriade.  Flown up as a treat in business class (on points).  I wandered around, met Posie, took hundreds of photos and flew home.  Bliss.

2011  - Lily has croup for the first time in her life aged 8.  David made the opening speech at the RACGP conference in Hobart that he helped organise and I missed it doing school drop-offs.  Inspired by Rich Roberts talk,  Took the kids to the evening cocktail party and they danced to BABBA all night!

2010 - In Cairns for the RACGP conference.  Jack learning to blow bubbles in the pool (poor deprived third child has not had swimming lessons), Gracie making a new friend every day.  Lily has run out of books (disaster)

2009 - flying home from a quick trip to Perth to coincide with the GP conference.  Jetstar infuriating in their lack of service, flight delays and poor attittude.  Tasmanians carrying krispy kremes by the carton load - making me laugh.  Fire on and girls asleep when we got home.

2008 - Braxton Hicks contractions all night.  Breakfast with my brother.  Nesting big time - moved all the baby furniture.

2007 - Our first little Hobart house officially on the market today.  4 groups through for the open home - all very positive.  Friday night take away night (Indian).

2006 - Picked up our wedding rings this morning - the girls in the shop blown away by the romance of eloping.  Flew to Brisbane.  David slept the whole way.  Needless to say the girls (and I) didn't.

2005 - Grace did her first night without an overnight breast feed (at 11 months old!!).  Lily wouldn't eat her tinned salmon as she said it was sad that all its friends had swam away.

2004 - Gorgeous sunny day.  Lily loving reading - pointing out books to have read to her all day.  Calling the baby (in my tummy) "arah" which is what her best friends baby sister is called.

2003 - Lily is sleeping through.  She is waving with 2 hands in an exuberant Princess Di style.  Making da sounds but no ma sounds.

2002 - 32 ish weeks pregnant.   Have given up hot chocolate and biscuits for gestational diabetes and hence losing weight.  Baby fine though!

2001 - no entry

2000 - sexual health education half day as part of our GP training - very interesting and amusing day. Thai takeaway after falling asleep on the couch

1999 - Spent the day job hunting for GP placements for next year.  Went to see Alanis Morissette and Garbage play in Northbridge.  Garbage fantastic.  Alanis drunk, stoned and terrible. David nominally on call - we couldn't hear the phone though.
1998 - Roses by my bedside smelling sweet - an unexpected present from last week. I spotted 22 cygnets on my walk round Lake Monger.  An extra sneaky look through the new house that we've just bought in West Leederville.


I am the memory keeper in our family.
I'm never sure that I've done enough.

Do you keep a journal or diary?



  1. What a lovely distraction to find old diary entries, and how wonderful that you have these little moments to look back on. I don't keep diaries but kind of wish that i did after reading this.
    I wonder whether you got much spring cleaning done :)

    1. I was very good Leanne - I cleaned out the whole cupboard and then sat and did this
      Only that cupboard though!

  2. Oh wow. How great to be able to look back. I too don't keep diaries... reading this makes me wish I did. I guess I can always look back through Facebook for some things :)

  3. Ally that is so incredibly awesome to have those diary entries that you can look back upon and know what you were thinking and feeling and facing year by year xx

  4. I love that you've kept these recorded memories Ally, so lovely to look back on and I'm sure lots came flooding back while you had a little reminisce. I've decided next year, I want to start keeping something similar. I've started working on some on-going family albums and having a diary like yours would make the journaling aspect much easier. Thank you for inspiring me as always xx


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