Wednesday, October 8, 2014

~ our joyful moments - week 40 ~

It's school holidays here and the children and I had a lovely wander through the Botanical Gardens during the week.  The Japanese gardens are looking particularly lovely - with the maples in full colour, the camellias in bloom and the wisteria almost in full flower.

Karin is in Italy - this is the view out over Lucca from the top of the tower.  I'm wishing I was back there too.

Every week we share a photograph here and on IG showing some of the everyday joys in our lives.


  1. The Botanical Gardens must have been so pretty. I must take our girls for a wander through Kings Park while the wildflowers are still out... xx

  2. A very interesting project sharing joys from both sides of the world - each one with its own delights.


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