Thursday, November 21, 2013

~ getting my craft on ~

This time of the year brings out the craft in me
Except I'm not very crafty.  Or creative.
I wish I was.

So I turn to pinterest and IG and get inspired and then tend to leave half-finished projects all over the house well into the new year (and lets not mention the hexie quilt that is gathering dust as I type..)

I've been watching Sonia from Dandelyne make her delightful hooped jewellery and wall hangings over on IG for months now ... and then last week I was tempted by a 5 pack of tiny hoops at her gorgeous Etsy shop and this week I've actually been getting my craft on.

I'm determined to finish the other two and make some more of these gorgeous reindeer tree decorations this weekend (as well as host a party for an 11 year old) - wish me luck.

Are you crafty?
What's your latest project? 



  1. These are lovely! I'm not crafty at all - I try to knit but all I can make is scarves and I can't even cast on or off! :)

    1. My grandma used to do that for me...I don't think I've knitted since she died x

  2. Beautiful and lovely is your craft work.
    Greetings from Holland.

  3. I'm definitely the crafty type! My only thing is that I can't seem to find enough time to do ALL that I want. Love a bit of hoop art too :) Actually Sunny and I have been getting into a little bead making for Christmas pressies. I think I',m in love with it! Love those hoops!

    Sophie xo

  4. These are the cutest little hoops I've ever seen! Love your designs. I just started being a bit more creative 2 years ago (blogging was a huge inspiration) and now I can't go a day without doing something, even if it's just half and hour.... I'm currently knitting and octopus and making a little softie for "Softies for Mirabel" :-) Mel x

  5. You are SO creative honey! Don't ever doubt that. Yay for getting your craft on and goodluck with party planning xx

  6. I love what you've done so far with those little hoops! I find with crafting I need to strike while the irons hot and finish if off asap, otherwise my project start collecting dust. I've got a pile of cross stitch that I'm going to finish one day. :)


  7. They look so sweet! I wish I had more time to craft - there are so many unfinished projects!

  8. I like to think I am crafty but most of my projects never seem to quite make it to completed. These little hoops are just gorgeous though

  9. I'd say I'm pretty crafty - pretty much always got some jewellery in progress & we are embroidering felt ornaments at the moment :)


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