Tuesday, March 5, 2013

~ words, words, words ~

I've been thinking about lists a lot more this year than I ever have.
(List is not one of my favourite words... or even close)
I can barely imagine compiling 52 lists about me... but a list of favourite words is one that I kept thinking would be easy to do as I regularly write down fabulous words anyway (weird, I know).

Do you have favourite words?
Do you see them written in certain ways that just makes sense?
Are you list making with us


  1. Fiasco would be my favourite out of these!
    Great list! Here's mine http://thesongthatsummersings.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/currently-52-lists.html

  2. I love this list Ally!! Effortless is one of my favourite words x

  3. beautiful collection of words :)

    glorious is a good word, serenity, lightness...

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  5. Loe words and jet never thought of favourite words.
    Must give that some thought.

  6. I love your list....one of my favourite words is 'lovely' I use it alot.
    And I love 'delightful' too!

  7. obstreperous

    My mother would sling that word out at us if we were being difficult :-)

  8. Isn't it funny how we have words which we use such a lot, yet when I try and think about them they don't always spring to mind! Heinous is one I use a lot, and yet I'm not sure that should be on a favourites list! (Or perhaps it should!)Whimsy - that is definitely one of mine too. Love your list Ally. Shall have to get on to mine.
    Amanda x

    1. Heinous is a great word!! I'd love to see your list too Amanda

  9. Billowing and askew are just lovely, aren't they? Must make this list- think I might find it hard to stop!

  10. I adore words. it's hard to pick favourites and sometimes it a combination of words rather than a single word that I love. off the top of my head, I can think of a few I love - stardust, whimsy, lovely, winter, kingdom, character...but there are lots more, I'm sure.


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