Friday, March 29, 2013

~ good games for Good Friday ~

It's Good Friday
Always an odd kind of a day.
Particularly today - we woke up with both girls away at sleepovers and the house feels strangely empty - Jack has not stopped asking for them.

We've had coffee.  (Any day is better with real coffee in it).

I've cleaned the office (and thrown away 126 pens - mostly old drug company ones - they make me feel a bit nostalgic for the good old days when we apparently sold our souls for a dodgy pen - now we just can never find a working one).
The boys have sanded and oiled the verandah.
We're ready for a late lunch.

It's a day for reading, jigsawing, watching old movies...we might even end up playing some games - maybe one of these (my list for this week as part of the #52 lists project).

Tonight we'll have fish and chips even though I don't really know why it feels wrong to eat meat today.

What is your Good Friday looking like?
What games does your family play?

(ps - it's not too late to start making fun lists - read all about it here).


  1. I always find Good Friday to be an odd sort of day, too ... even though Orthodox Good Friday isn't for awhile yet, the day still feels strange to me, maybe because it's just so quiet! Ah, anyway. Might go out in search of a "real" coffee and take pictures of flowers or something ;)

  2. I'm not celebrating Easter for a few weeks yet too (Orthodox) but my day has been non- stop sewing, quilting and baking... Now I want a coffee! I'm actually enjoying being at home today. You're games list sounds like fun! You need to add twister to the list!

    Sophie xo

  3. YES 500! I totally forgot that on my list!
    We went to church and then had a lovely lunch...and now we are chilling on the couch! xx

  4. Sounds like a good day, now I'm hanging out for a coffee just like that! I cleaned the espresso machine this morning and then didn't make I'm off now to enjoy one. My Mister made hot cross buns this morning and so we're pretty full, I think dinner will be light!

  5. i thought fish was okay on good friday. maybe not? well thats what is for dinner at our house! happy easter x

  6. It's funny, my parents aren't religious, but always eat fish today. Me, well I'm a vego :)
    I love Good Friday. Today has been so relaxing. I layed on the couch under a doona and watched Best Marigold Hotel. I almost suggested we play a game and my pic would have been Rumikub. It's a good one.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Just finished a game of 'settlers of cattan' with my teenagers-really fun game for older kids! (& I won)

  8. Happy Easter :-)
    Knuckles! Haven't played a game of that in ages...
    And speaking of coffee I must go and make some :-)

  9. Happy Easter... The sun is peeking out and this morning it felt like autumn had arrived. My weekend has been slow and sleepy... and cosy. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  10. Sounds like the perfect day. Your list includes some of my favourites too - just include monopoly and it would be complete :-)

    Wishing you and yours a happy Easter!

    PS I received your mail on Friday - it was so lovely! Thank-you for letter and cute bits n bobs - that sweet pink bunny picture has gone into my 2013 "Inspiration Journal" :-)

    PPS I'm not usually one to leave links in my comments, but just thought I'd share the link to my fun recipe competition. I hope yo see you participating! <3

  11. Thats some super neat hand writing!

    thanks so much for linking back, i appreciate your support :)

    See you tomorrow for another collection

    xo em

  12. Hope the rest of your weekend is just as fab.

    We had a BBQ on Good Friday, with good friends, food and drink, lots of laughs x.


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