Sunday, March 17, 2013

~weekending at home ~

Weekends {at the moment} are all about home.
Staying home, hanging out together,  saying "no" to others and "yes" to us.
Cooking, gardening, reading, watching movies, recuperating from the busy, busy weeks that have marked our return to school.

It's all going well - everyone is settling well and we're happy ... but its definitely full on.
Ballet, gym, tennis, piano for the girls
For my little boy its been even busier - so many new routines, so many people to watch, so many decisions about how to behave, to be in his new classroom, trying sooo hard to do it all right.

So we've been bunkering down at home on the weekends.  
Quarantining ourselves away from the rest of the world.  Embracing the quiet ... 
Loving the lack of pressure to be, to join, to talk...

5 hour slow cooked lamb was perfect to end this weekend with.
Home grown tomatoes and herbs, parsnips from the Doc's sister's farm and Tasmanian lamb.

{a paste of oregano, rosemary, salt, pepper, garlic and EVOO}

{just picked by little hands cherry tomatoes}

{paste rubbed into lamb and lamb roasted on top of onions and tomatoes}

{potatoes sliced thinly and half way down - and roasted slowly as well}

{5 hours later}

Melting soft lamb, oozy tomatoes and crunchy hassleback potatoes.  Made and served with love.

We're renewed, refreshed, ready for another week out there.
What did you have for Sunday dinner?
What's your schedule looking like? 


  1. That lamb looks so fabulous, we nearly alway do throw together meals on a Sunday night- tonight was eggs & mushrooms & toast.

    1. It tends to be the meal we're all reliably home for and have time to cook - so its the big one of the week

  2. we had a barbecue - sausages (local), chicken & because it's (finally) cool weather, roast veggies :)

  3. Your weekends sound perfect! We're trying really hard to keep a tight reign on our weekends but it's hard with lots of kids and all of their activities and social things - our weekdays have become the quieter days of the week, which is a strange thing. Your dinner looks absolutely beautiful. Mel x

    1. I'm a bit worried that party season and soccer are going to take a big toll on these weekends very soon!

  4. Yum to those potatoes! I worked all weekend so that was a bummer so we were lazy and had pancakes for dinner. Mine I ate with stewed apple and icecream! Yum!! Have a lovely week x

  5. What a perfect weekend. Your lamb looks sensational. What temperature do you cook at for 5 hours?

    1. Hi Karen - we cooked it at 140 (fan forced)

  6. I know what you are saying, taking time to breathe and relax on the weekends is often what's needed to just get through the week, glad to hear all is going well with the start of the year:) Oh my that dinner looks delicious Ally. For dinner Sunday night it was Red Chicken Curry with soba noodles made by hubby and Miss 9, spicy but good. xx

  7. Hi Ally
    We have been doing TOO much!
    Needing to take a leaf out of your book and say no to everyone else and yes to us.
    We did have some yummy slow-cooked Memphis-style BBQ Beef brisket though on Sunday for dinner which was delicious! Hubby made it in the oven, cooked all day long, served with home-made coleslaw & dill pickles on rolls. Yum!
    Our schedule is quieter this week...hooray!
    Thanks AGAIN! xxxxxx


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