Tuesday, March 26, 2013

~ mail exchanges ~

This week my post box has been full of lovely mail as the first of this years elevated envelopes have started trickling in.

This time instead of a set theme there were several to choose from.

{theme: black and white from Wendy}

{theme: black and white from Suzanne}

{theme: nature attacks from Florence}

I am simply in love with this hand painted bunny one - it came with carrot seeds from Germany too (shhhh!...don't tell customs).

{theme: I wish I had a bunny from Ivonne}

I choose "its a zoo in there" (complete with thumb print animals, glittery zoo bars and zoo stickers inside) but my efforts paled into comparison next to some of these.  

{the ones I sent}

More bunnies hopped in my letter box this week too as part of the good mail club Easter exchange that the lovely Sarah organised.

{bunnies, recipes, tags, beautiful cards from Megan and Sarah}

{bunnies, recipes, tags, beautiful cards from Megan and Sarah}

{envelope from Sarah}

{goodies from Sarah}

I was a bit late getting into this as my list went missing somewhere in the ether but the girls and I have been loving the all the super cute stuff I've received.    
The felt finger puppet, the cupcake toppers (not shown) and the jointed rabbit are already hidden away in bedrooms.   
Mine were very simple but I hope they bring a smile.

Its such a cliche.. but it really does brighten my day when a little envelope of loveliness comes my way.   

Please follow the links above if you'd like to join the fun.



  1. You have received a lot of snail-mail goodness this week! Glad to hear that the toppers and other bits were well received, xox

    1. So very lucky this week!
      And your goodies were amazing...will bake this weekend too

  2. Oh I wish I signed up for it this time around now! Too much craziness around here and a little good mail would've brightened up my letter box :) Next time... I'm loving Sarah's bunnies!

    Sophie xo

    1. Oh I get worried about all the other stuff going on too...but I hate to miss out!!!
      Next time

  3. I forgot about the elevated envelope. Hopefully I can take part next time.
    I'm glad the bunnies were a hit. I had fun with Easter but wish there was flat easter chocolate to send :)
    I agree, spotting good mail in the letter box is a very nice thing!

  4. Hi Ally, I'm so glad you love your letters! I had so much fun making them!

  5. Yes, now I'm longing for some good mail too, but was too busy travelling this month to participate. I guess I'm pretty happy I went to Italy, though. Thanks for sharing your Good Mail.

  6. your little thumb print animals are so cute! I love mail, don't get it often myself, but I write a letter to my grandmother every month. :)

  7. These definitely brightened up my day. The rabbits are so cute!


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