Thursday, March 21, 2013

~ cosy thoughts on a rainy Thursday ~

This week's list was all about being cosy.
Was it really only yesterday that it felt so remote as our indian summer was still lingering outside?
Today it's chilly, the rain is teeming down outside.
My baby is off on his first ever school excursion and I couldn't go because I'm working today.
So I'm slightly sad and worrying about slippery roads.

I'm sipping green tea with mint and I've wrapped a woolly scarf around my neck.
I forgot to put both these things on my list.
I'll definitely light a fire later if it stays like this.

I'm making lovely lists every week (and learning more about myself!) with Pip  and her #52lists project

What makes you feel cosy?


  1. oh its cold here today too. finally! wearing trackies and socks for the first time in ages, very cosy. thinking chai tea for later this morning x

  2. It's definitely cooler here today as well, but still beautifully fine - my favourite kind of weather. I'm still a little unprepared for the approaching cold, but part of me is more than ready to rug up in coats and scarves! Love your list once again Ally - I love nothing more than snuggling in bed when you can hear the rain on the roof. Will have to think about my list now. Amanda x

  3. I have to say all of the above and a nice hot shower. It's been a little cool here too, the weather miserable again. I hope that your little one enjoyed her excursion and came home safe and happy. xx

  4. soft jumpers, thick socks, hot tea, warm baths - it's finally cooled down here too & it's so nice. Not raining yet though (soon, I hope)

  5. Pumpkin soup definitely! I made some for that reason today. And scarfs and beanies, and cuddling with my girls x

  6. being in my pyjamas makes me feel cosy. :)


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