Wednesday, March 13, 2013

~ what's on my (breakfast) table

{on our kitchen table this week - smelling divine}

I'm generally a bit boring when it comes to breakfast time.
Muesli (I'm a Carman's convert - the gluten free one even though I don't need it to be) with plain Greek yoghurt and some fruit when it's warmer.
Porridge with brown sugar and maybe some stewed fruit in the colder months.

The kids are only allowed weetbix or porridge on school days (saves so many fights and so much angsty standing in front of the cupboard thinking)...then we let them have free rein on the weekends with whatever they can find/convince someone to cook.

I do love going out for breakfast though.
Breakfast always tastes better if someone else makes it.
We used to go out every weekend (in those long ago no kids/portable kids days) but now (soccer weekends, big kids with big appetites) its much more of a random treat.

Here is my list about good things for breakfast as part of the weekly #52lists project.

The very cute fridge magnets are origami arrows made following a quick and easy tutorial I found here.  I even found some magnetic sticky tape to put on the back of them - such cool stuff!

What are you having for breakfast tomorrow?
Are you a creature of habit like me?


  1. I tend to have either yoghurt, muesli & fruit, tea & toast or warm quinoa 'porridge'.

    I do love either french toast or pancakes though :)

  2. That's a helpful list, I'm trying to be more healthy with what I eat, but I still want it to be tasty. Might have to pinch a few of your ideas!


  3. Many great suggestions there. I almost always eat muesli or granola (homemade with very little sugar added) and yoghurt. Love the flowers! xo

  4. It's porridge on weekdays for us, including for the dogs and chickens :-)

  5. ah, breakfast. I love pancakes fullstop, but I do love having leftover pancakes for breakfast or sometimes making a batch of pancake batter to keep in the fridge and then having pancakes a few days in a row.
    Usually, it's cereal & fruit or yoghurt & fruit or (very rarely) toast. Summer breakfasts are harder in some ways, in Winter it's easier as I pretty much always have sago (which I love).

  6. Mmmm... tasty
    the pictures AND the menu :-)

  7. I think I pretty much love everything on that list!!

  8. Yum! Going out for breakfast in one of my favorite things to do! Although like you it doesn't happen as often since our beautiful girls arrived x

  9. Definitely a creature of habit here. I love my thawed-overnight-in-the-fridge blueberries plus a piece of chopped fresh fruit with greek yoghurt and mixed seeds/chia seeds/cinnamon on top. For most others it's soaked-overnight rolled oat porridge or whatever they choose to make. No fancy fridge magnets nor stunning roses here....

  10. I'm a granola person with natural yoghurt on top and when it's cold I love porridge. We aren't big on breakfast out I don't know why it's just one of those things but on holidays we do have the odd pancake with lemon juice and sugar of course:) xx


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