Wednesday, September 26, 2012

~ snap it ... three ~

{holiday rainbow toes are becoming a family tradition}

{they have fun together...that makes my heart sing}

{still happy to pile in the bath together...I love that}

{first day back term 3}

My 3.
Who carry my heart (so unknowingly, so fearlessly, so joyfully) with them where ever they go.

Playing along at faith, hope and a whole lotta love with weekly snap-it themes.


  1. Oh my 3 girls still happily have a bath together, i'm happy for puberty & modesty to stay well away from us for a long while yet!!
    My children have zero inhibition in wearing wild coloured stripy socks too, just gorgeous, i love their freedom. Just beautiful, all over, love Posie

  2. Oh snap, we're on each other's blogs at the same time, tee hee, great minds Ally, GREAT!! Love Posie

  3. Beautiful! Love how you describe how your children hold your heart.

  4. Your heart walking around on the outside of your body, so true. I think that your kids being nice to each other is one of the best 'rewards of parenting'.

  5. What a clever way of expressing '3'! Three sets of feet, legs, toes... carrying you with them wherever they go!

  6. Lovely selection of "threes" here, just lovely!

  7. Love it! Gorgeous kids, even their toes ;)


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