Saturday, September 8, 2012

~ grateful for ... the end of the winter term ~

Its been a long, long winter term.
All 3 children have had whooping cough - the cough, cough, cough, splutter has been an almost constant companion through the chilly days and nights. (Yes - all fully vaccinated!!)
(Oh, the nights.  I think there was a coughing, wriggling, hot and bothered child in our bed every night for the last month).

We need this 2 week break.
To rest and recuperate.
To soak up some sunshine (hopefully).
To get back on track.

We're not doing anything much - some playdates with friends, a trip to see Nemo in 3D (although I'm a little bit scared of seeing Bruce like that), a visit with the cousins and their baby lambs.

These holidays have come at just the right time.
And I'm very grateful for them.

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Will you be too scared to see Bruce in 3D?
When are your next holidays?


  1. I LOVE school holidays, we're still a few weeks off, i can't wait, calm, happy & the teenager has two sports camps to keep her busy. Just embracing the sunshine & Spring warmth, oh bring it. We just purchased two new chickens today to add to the flock, they are glorious & ready to lay, much easier (in the heart breaking way) than raising chicks who grow up to be roosters & leave for a big boy farm. Today i held some baby chicks, if that doesn't scream Spring, nothing does. Enjoy your school holidays, calm & recoup, you'll shine to Christmas, love Posie

  2. Amen and hallelujah to that. We are decamping to the beach to recover and detoxify our sorry winter term selves. Have a great hol! I think Madagascar is on our schedule too.

  3. I'm looking forward to holidays here too, though ours are a few weeks off.
    Hope your 3 little ones rest and recouperate, and get better quickly (hope you get some sleep!).
    Enjoy some slow time!! xxx

  4. School holidays (ours start in a couple if weeks) are so needed. The break from hectic living and a chance to just be in the moment with our children. Blss.

    I'm not going to do the 3D thing. Badoo struggles with the scuba divers enough in 2D... Bruce weirdly ok!! x

  5. Ahh school holidays it sounds like all of you will enjoy them greatly after all of the nasty sickness that you've had. I hope the holidays brings lots of sun shiny days for you to enjoy and relax. xxx

  6. Damn straight! I've got some playdates planned of my own. They might be different from the ones you're referring to though! ;)

  7. Um yes, Bruce in 3D would freak me out. You poor thing, I can't believe how much whooping cough has been through your house. That's awful. I suspect my husband has it now but the silly man won't see a doctor... Wishing you sunshine and good health for your holidays xx


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