Monday, September 3, 2012

~ Monday's mailbag ~

I got an email from Kate this week as she wrapped up her awesome 100 pantone postcards project - she posted 100 separate postcards in 100 days to good friends and bloggy strangers like me.
I was thrilled when I got mine (and put it straight on instagram but never managed to blog about it)
So here it is in its new home (and on the day it came)

{on my wall}

{Kate's card to me}

 In the last month I've also posted off all my efforts in the latest elevated envelope project and have had some lovely envelopes (and bits and bobs) come my way too. I enclosed some fairy biscuit postcards in my similarly decorated envelopes -with some stickers and furry friends chocolate.

{my pile of elevated fairy biscuit envelopes}

{postcards I had made to go in the envelopes}

Disappointingly - a month after the deadline - there are still 4 or 5 missing.  I think its got beyond blaming living in Tassie (the postal end of the universe) - some people obviously just never get around to fulfilling the promises they make.

I've also joined Post crossing.  I kept reading about it and thought I'd give it a whirl.  I've sent about 8 cards and got my first one back today.  Real mail, even from a stranger, still gives me a little thrill. It was a pretty flower too - how appropriate.

{my first post crossing card - from the US}

I've been trying to fulfill my promise to myself to write more to the people I know too.  I've sent some cards and funny envelopes. I've also got a big missive on the go to a friend in Hong Kong who's been feeling the same lack of connection that I have (in our 20+ year friendship) - we've decided to write more - about the mundane, the everyday, the special and see how it goes.  It feels like having a penpal all over again.  Its exciting.

{post crossing mail going out}

{orphaned post card project}

{lovely mail in}

 Anything interesting in your letterbox?


  1. Wow, you've been busy.. sending & receiving. Can I ask where you had your postcards made?
    I've been receiving some postcards myself- as part of 'Liberate your art' postcard swap (Kat Sloma) - it's been fun!!

  2. Your fairy biscuit envelopes are the cutest! Your letter box looks to have been very interesting, the anticipation and surprises must be wonderful. The only exciting mail I've had for months was a surprise card and set of photos from a relatively new friend whom I hadn't heard from for several months.

  3. I love your fairy biscuit envelopes so cute!! I am doing a Superhero Postcard challenge will you email me your address I would love to send you one :) I blog over at Steph&Husband

    Snail Mail is always the best!

    Steph :)

  4. I've been following your postal project from a distance, and I think you've now inspired me to sort out my postcards. When we first moved to the UK, I sent a postcard to Mom from every place we visited. Her collection is enormous, and brings back so many memories.

    I'm going to start sending postcards again :-)

    1. I love going through old postcards - and reading the messages - so many stories in so few words
      You're on my list!

  5. Oh Ally, what a wonderful post week! Thank you for being part of my project, I am just so glad to have met you.

    I thought writing to/receiving from strangers would be a bit weird but I have loved some of the mail I've received. I got a gorgeous, really chatty letter from someone the other day and am compelled to write back. I can feel the beginnings of a friendship...!


  6. Nothing as interesting as in yours! (apart from my anthro order) It must be so thrilling receiving such lovely, positive mail. It makes me want to join in. I absolutely adore your biscuit cards and love the envelopes that you decorated - they look amazing!

  7. what a gorgeous collection of mail :) nothing nearly so interesting in my letterbox

  8. Such pretty mail! I adore receiving snail mail, as long as it's not a bill of course! x

  9. What a great commitment, especially the decorating like hundreds and thousands biscuits. I used to write a little more but then stopped when I got little in return. I know, bad reason. I still do send cards for most birthdays I know, even though I don't get many back. I suppose this is really a lost art that's a little hard to resurrect. Good on you for doing your bit!

  10. Nothing interesting here besides bills lately. Actually, I lie. Some gorgeous tags I ordered from Sarah of Molly's Maion's Etsy store arrived so prettily packaged and with some extra goodies thrown - made my day. I miss good old snail mail and being able to open a cute envelope with real stamps on it - perhaps that's why I like online shopping :)


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