Monday, September 17, 2012

~ a weekend in the country ~

We got sick of all the coughing and not sleeping and decided to share it round a little.
Specifically, with the in-laws, who not only cannot say no, but are guaranteed to offer a little sympathy, a home cooked meal and a sleep-in.  Winning all round.

So we packed the bags, chose the DVDs {the best solution to long (ish) car trip ennui ever} and headed north for a few days. 
North to the green rolling hills, red earth and amazing gardens. 
North to family
North for a break.

Some time in my mother-in-laws amazing garden (she opens it as part of the Open Garden Scheme sometimes to lucky visitors).


Some time with the animals... our resting trotter, the chickens, the calves, the lambs.
Lots of time with the cousins (who we never see enough of).
Lots of muddy gumboot time, of running round the garden time.

Some fabulous new discoveries (a gorgeous gift shop in Penguin,  fabulous coffee in Ulverstone and a great home wares shop in Devonport).

Two sleep ins!!!

A fabulous birthday dinner with friends we don't see often enough either.

The temptation to embrace the bucolic country life-style is always there after weekends like this.  In perfect conditions the dream of our own little farm is seductive.  I see myself with chickens, growing all my own vegies, being closer to the land...  I forget my aversion to birds, the smell of manure and the hard, hard work that comes with being self sufficient.

We're the lucky ones.  We can have the best of it and then come back home to all that is good here too.  And I love being home (despite the coughs!)

How was your weekend?
Do you dream of a sea- or tree-change?


  1. beautiful flowers, looks like a wonderful time- I think I'm with you, enjoy the best of the country then head back home :)

  2. What a beautiful garden your in-laws have. It is nice to have a place to go to and escape the city life. My parents live in the country and I love our drives out there, to be closer to nature and the peace and quiet. One day I would looove to move to the country, I often say that we will go and live in Tasmania:) My weekend was a good one, seeing my new baby niece, going on a date with my man and enjoying doing a little Spring cleaning. x

  3. Beautiful. Hope you enjoyed the country air. I was going to say it might rid the coughs. But I've been coughing all winter and have an ambundence of country air!

  4. Stunning photos in this post. Love the gumboots.
    It is nice to get some "best of both worlds" isn't it.
    Hope you are all healthy again x

  5. Can't believe you are all still coughing! Hope the trip has done you the world of good. What a lovely place. Country air is so good x.

    Your gorgeous iced biscuit card has arrived, to my delight. Thank you.

  6. Hi, have just found your lovely blog via Anna at green tea n toast. Such beautiful photos of the flowers, hope your feeling much better after your time away. :)

  7. gorgeous photos :)

    I ran 12km this Sunday, getting rained on in the process & then had some very nice food. So it was a pretty good weekend :)

  8. Oh those kids on the fence photos are classic ... looks like a lovely day x

  9. Wonderful photos of a delightful weekend! Definitely the best of both worlds. I grew up on a farm and am sometimes tempted to think rural but it wouldn't suit us as a family. Besides, there's always so much more I could do with our own little backyard if I was so inclined.

  10. Sounds like the perfect antidote to feeling unwell - and looks amazing! Hope you are all feeling better soon.
    We forget that by living on the NW coast of Tassie we already have the sea AND tree change that people dream of! We of course want more... more land, solar power, bigger garden etc... I have to remind myself that it is more of a challenge to live sustainably on a standard residential block!

  11. ah, I love the country. Lovely photos.

  12. What great photos, makes me want to take tomorrow off and take a picnic and enjoy under a shady tree in a paddock.


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