Thursday, September 27, 2012

~ a feast for the eyes {and the tummy} ~

I found this fabulous recipe whilst lost in cyber space some time this week.
Even if eggplants and feta weren't up there in my favourite foods I'd want to cook this just because the recipe is so pretty.  
Imagine a whole cook-book full of these... cooking would instantly become more enjoyable.

from this beautiful blog

I may have "accidentally" left it casually lying on the bench on Tuesday night as I went to do the whole gym drop-off/pick-up for the girls and a friend.  
{and amazingly all the ingredients were in the fridge too}

When we all got home delicious meatballs awaited us.
{Jack had refused and had back-up bolognaise AGAIN...stubborn 3yos....grrrr!}
We didn't mind...all the more for us.

I love finding new recipes that we can enjoy together.
I love it even more when the Doc cooks them.

Have you found a fabulous new recipe lately?  Please share...I'm always looking for inspiration.




  1. I love new recipes too! Have you tried quinoa granola from Elise at Hungry Hungry Hippie? It's amazing!!

    Steph :)

  2. Oh that does look good! What an awesome man you have whipping up dinner to a recipe like that! Bliss! x

  3. i agree, you have an awesome man! wonderful!

  4. sounds delicious & I love the illustration :)

    the batch of these I baked went down very well:

  5. Well done Doc! We love aubergine and feta x.

    1. the word aubergine is so much nicer...and so perfect for the colour!

  6. That is fabulous that the Doc takes the hint! My hubby is too vague for that. He does other excellent things, don't get me wrong, but there is no way that would have worked here. Have a great weekend Ally. x


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