Sunday, September 30, 2012

~ mailbag ~

I've spent my free time this weekend finishing off my envelopes/letters for the latest round of the elevated envelope hosted by Tara at her lovely blog.  This one had the theme of "malicious surprise"  - my version of this was included inside the envelopes. I hope none of the girls on my list are arachnophobic (eek!)

The last of the "sweet" themed envelopes arrived just recently too - I've been trying to master the piano piece but my skills are very rusty

{these clear protective envelopes are such a great idea...has anyone seen them here?}

I was super lucky to receive this gorgeous piece of mail recently from a fellow Tassie blogger.  I sent Sarah one of the fairy biscuit envelopes from the last exchange... and just look what came my way. 
I just love it!

{so pretty - and with extras - perfect mail}

I'm still enjoying post crossing although I'm not really sure why; yes, I love getting the thrill of mail and there's also the curiosity about who the person is who sent the card and why they chose that particular card.  I find it fascinating what people chose to say on a post card - its not a big space to write but some people manage to cram in fascinating bits of information.  And some just write "hi" and "happy post crossing" which is a bit of a downer; makes me wonder why they bother with it

{cards in}

{cards out}

{birthday mail...the best kind of mail}

I started this year wanting to send more mail; to nuture friendships, to consider the words I was using to communicate with people, to send a little joy.  Its happening and the huge bonus is the lovely mail I'm getting in return.

Here's hoping  your post man brings something nice this week.



  1. there is something magical about mail (except bills!) isn't there?
    the package from your blogger friend looks gorgeous.

    1. Hi Vickie
      If you send me your addy (via flickrmail maybe) I can send you something (not a bill)

  2. I can only imagine that there was a whole lot of trepidation surrounding opening of envelopes with THAT sort of theme! Fake spiders, RIGHT?

  3. So sweet of you to mention my mail Ally. Really kind. I am still very keen to start a little club - I have a post coming up soon and have started collecting those postcards, printing some more of my own and sketching some envelopes. It's fun.
    Your postcards really are beautiful and how cute is the seagull with a chip? Love it :)
    I might try Eleveated Envelope next time - think it might be early 2013 now. It's such a positive concept.

    1. The club sounds great Sarah...I'll keep watch
      And do try the elevated envelope...lots of fun

  4. You are so very sweet Ally and you put so much time and effort into the envelope, the gift and the beautiful words. It was so nice to get some beautiful mail from you I can only imagine how much your other recipients are enjoying their mail too:) xx

  5. Such beautiful items of mail. *mail envy*

    1. Got your 'malicious surprise' - thanks. What fun! Hundreds of spiders :-)

  6. I love getting mail, mostly I just get things I've ordered but that's good fun, too.
    I've send my grandmother a letter every month for over four years. It's fun to write letters and send them knowing the person who is receiving will enjoy it.

  7. You've motivated me to start posting again! I've had a lovely break since the end of the Pantone postcards, but now it's time to start again.

    I agree, I love seeing what people write on the postcards. I like the ones where people pretend you know them and tell you about their day, or something specific that's going on in their life!


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