Monday, October 1, 2012

~ garden mood board ... September ~

{the gathering}

{with Jack's extra sprinkles}


{the official shot}

Blustery, fickle, beautiful spring is here.
And its all about celebrating the pretty. the transient, the explosions of colour.
I love this time of year in the garden - the potential realised, the daily discoveries, the overwhelming joy of it all.

I'm joining lots of lovely people who share monthly garden mood boards here


  1. Very pretty , in all it's forms... love Jack's extra sprinkle.

  2. Love the colours.

    We're into garden maintenance at the moment, having tree work done before the winter storms. Not much colour, though; a couple more weeks before we see the golden hues of autumn x.

  3. Love all the pics but the last is so whimsical!

  4. Oh so lovely Ally! Gorgeous colours and flowers. :) Have a lovely week ahead! xo

  5. so beautifully arranged... thanks for sharing these wonderful colours!

  6. really lovely. I love going into the gardening and checking on which buds have blossomed. :)

  7. Very lovely especially the blue small flowers who looks like snow!
    Have a nice day.

  8. Oh Ally - this is ever so sweet! I'd love to join in on the challenge. My idea of a great afternoon! Think it's so precious that Jack helped out :) x

  9. It is indeed a wonderful page. These are just lovely blooms.
    It is really amazing. Thanks!

    Alice @ Cheap Sheds NZ Limited

  10. Ally, these flowers look so beautiful. The houses round our place are just bursting with colour like this. It's so lovely to see as I wander past. The funny thing is every year I'm shocked at the explosion of colour! Over winter I forget what it's like!

  11. Lovely photos, and funny how your September is spring when it is automne here in Sweden!
    Best wishes,


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