Saturday, October 20, 2012

~ grateful for ... the AWW kids birthday cakes book ~

I made this today
Total hit.  Although all the PC parents would only eat the sparkly sea and not the whale.

4 days ago it was going to be the fairy mushroom (the only son's 4th birthday...I could sense that maybe wouldn't end well) but several mind changes and an ultimatum that he had to choose RIGHT NOW (so I could buy the bits) later and we ended up with the whale (yay).
{My hands are still bluish.  I used jif in the end to get out the (very unnatural) food colouring.  Desperate times and all that...}

This is about the 15th cake we've had from the bible of children's cakes in the last 10 years.
It's one of the most read books at our house.
It looks like this;

Months out from a party any one of the wombles can often be found, head bowed, flicking through the pages.  Minds are made up and changed many, many times before the big day.

Its often used as a boredom buster too :
A womble:  I'm bored (or...what can I do?)
Me:  Only boring people get bored.  Why don't you play cars, colour in, unpack the dishwasher, choose your birthday cake....and off they go.

These are some of our past hits:

Boredom buster, font of inspiration, total how-to manual...I'm so very grateful for this ripped, beautiful, stained book full of sweet memories.

I try and join with the grateful gang most weeks (inspired by Bron)...there's always something to be grateful for.


{what is the secret to removing food colouring from hands??}


  1. Wow there are some master pieces there!
    Must of been the day for it, I made the fairy mushroom yesterday. Not quiet like the picture but Emmy thougt it was 'awesome'!

    1. well done you - - I've avoided that one!

  2. Those cakes are awesome!!! Do I see fondant on the popcorn? Wow! I have a feeling I read that lemon juice is good for getting rid of food colouring. Happy anniversary too Ally! Amazing, we did the same thing - together 6 years, no kids at that stage, but off to the beach, just us, together, all about us, marriage. Told nobody. Some didn't like it when they found out but we loved OUR day. Sounds like you did too. :) xx

  3. Aahhhhh that book ! I wonder just many Aussie mothers have been on the brink of nervous breakdowns because of it? Conversely I wonder how many happy snaps in Aussie photo albums feature it's cakes ?
    It was a boredom buster in our house too....many, many moons ago. I've made my mum promise not to get rid of "our" copy.

    Love the whale. Hope the blue hands go away soon....I've heard lemon juice also.

  4. Those cakes look amazing. My kids are into trains so if I ever manage to make that last cake, they'd be totally stoked.

  5. What fabulous cakes - and what a brain wave your boredom buster is. Kids often get 'bored' when they're tired so to sit quietly looking at a book planning something fun is just brilliant strategy!

  6. What fabulous cakes - and what a brain wave your boredom buster is. Kids often get 'bored' when they're tired so to sit quietly looking at a book planning something fun is just brilliant strategy!

  7. those cakes are brilliant, the lamination trains are so cool!

  8. Brilliant! My kids used to read the cake books over and over too WE had an ABC kids one with teletubbies and Miffy and bananas in pyjamas which was a total fave. We've given up a bit on the shape cakes but you guys are going gangbusters. Love your work.

  9. I've had a lot of fun over the years making cakes like these too. I would have had more fun if there wasn't always a deadline looming for a birthday party though..hehe!

  10. Your cakes are great, Ally. I had a chuckle over no one eating the whale, btw. Too funny!

    I am hopeless at the cakes, so kudos to you! x

  11. Oooo, we love cake. Dr B would love a 'cake bible' to choose from x.

  12. All of your cakes are great! We have that same book here, although only the good old #1 cake and the ladybug have been made so far. I have fond memories as a little girl of choosing my birthday cake each year - such excitement! :)

  13. Fantastic cakes! The cake is my least fave part of parties but the kids favorite! You've done a great job! Such a wonderful book that one - I recognise all of those!

  14. These look delicious and the photography is top notch in this post.#5 cake is my favorite.They are really joyful and lovely!Thanks for the post.

  15. Awesome cakes! They look so tasty. You've done an awesome job with those birthday cakes!

  16. I heard a great idea recently, to write who had which cake for each birthday on the page in the book. A lovely keepsake for future years. :)


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