Sunday, October 7, 2012

~ tulip fever ~

I had the biggest treat on Friday.
(A day to myself, in do whatever I wanted...I chose Floriade...its been on my wish list for sooooo long)
The Doc booked the flights, organised the babysitters, arranged everything.
He even (apparently) ordered the gorgeous sunshiny day.


It was perfect.

I wandered and marvelled.
I snapped (and snapped and snapped) ... my thighs are killing me...squatting to tulip height for 300+ photos will do that to a girl.
I caught up with the lovely Jennie (from posie blogs) - and was spoiled with a little gift box of girly treats.

I caught tulip fever...badly.

Not sure what I ever did to deserve him.



  1. totally gorgeous photos :)

    & good work by the Doc (especially the sunny day) :)

  2. Oh! What stunning photos !
    Nice work Doc.....I'm quite sure you deserved this day and him.
    Dee x

  3. What a treat! I'd have tulip fever too. I'm do pleased that the weather was so perfect for you. Beautiful images too :)

  4. These are so gorgeous! I will have to take D to Floriade someday. The Doc did well :)

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  5. wow, how absolutely amazing! and what an amazing way to spend a day. :)

  6. Oh my macro photography heaven:) These are just stunning images Ally, I'm so glad that Canberra (or maybe your hubby) put on such a beautiful day for you. What a beautiful experience to have and to enjoy with Jennie. x

  7. oh, lucky you! gorgeous photos as always and how special to catch up with jen!

  8. Simply superb in every way. There is nothing better than your partner arranging for time alone to do what you love - what a wonderful man you have!

  9. Beautiful photos, what a lovely treat. Sounds like a perfect day. x

  10. The most stunning photography! The whole day sounds beautiful x

  11. I really really want to go! These pictures are so so so good! *s*

  12. Stunning photos! Sounds like a wonderful day x


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