Monday, June 4, 2012

~ classy camellias ~

More flowers this week for mostly macro Monday.
It's another (!) of my favourite flowers this week - the camellia. ( I sound like Jack - he has new favourites every day).
We've got a couple growing in our garden - they're still very young and not blooming profusely yet. I think they're all pink - I'd love a pure white one some day.



It's still really chilly and bleak here.
We managed a walk along the beach today to collect shells but otherwise we're hibernating - baking, crafting and overdosing on TV.  Mostly old copies of "Round the Twist" which the girls are finding hilarious - do you remember it?



  1. These are very pretty. I love the water droplets on the last one. I actually had camellia leaves around my bouquet when I got married:) Yes we love Round the Twist here too. Our favourite at the moment is H2O, we looove it. I hope the weather cheers up for you soon. x

  2. The perfect blooms, inspiring photography. I have a hedge of white camellias, and two very old trees, they never cease to delight me.

  3. I loved 'Round the Twist' :-)
    You have camellias out already ... nice :-)

    Chilly and bleak here too...

  4. Oh yes, round the twist! We used to watch it at school and was the highlight of the week :) Back in our old home, we used to have a camellia growing by the garden, and it would give us so many gorgeous red flowers. I miss that tree, and it always reminds me of our old home. Beautiful photos :)

  5. Yes! I love camellia's too, although the hut garden doesn't have a lot of shade, so I'm not sure how happy they're going to be there.

  6. Beautiful images of very pretty blooms. I have a couple in my garden, but there's not a lot happening with them yet. One has buds so I look forward to it flowering.

  7. Round the Twist!! I loved watching that as a kid! And how I wished I lived in a lighthouse! :) Stunning photos Ally - I can always count on turning to your blog for a spot of beauty! Elisa x

  8. Wow, love your pictures of all the beautiful camellias. I'm a bit jealous since we can't grow them in the garden here. So I do enjoy your photographs! Have a lovely day! xo

  9. Your flower photos are so beautiful. I am such a lover of macro floral shots. And yes, I totally remember Round the Twist. I think I had my first crush on Pete . . . or perhaps my first crush was Donnie from New Kids On The Block! xx Fi


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