Monday, June 25, 2012

~ a snowy, soupy Sunday ~

We like to celebrate our weather down here.
A hint of sunshine and we flock to the beaches (despite the temperature).
A flurry of snow sees us scurrying to the mountains to frolic.

So Sunday saw us drive with a bunch of friends as far up the mountain as we could go.
It was actually snowing as we drove - to much excitement from the back seat.
We found our patch of snow, threw lots of snowballs, tried eating clean snow and went for a walk up the mountain to clear our heads.
(We forgot the keep-going snakes and so the littlest explorer lost his enthusiasm for the freezing temperatures a little sooner than we'd hoped).

Then lunch for 30 at the mountain pub - with roaring fires, loads of hot chips, red wine and laughter.
A magic snow day.
Just what we needed after the longest week.

Snowy, wintery weather calls for soup too
Yesterday I made tomato, basil and zucchini soup that I found on my blog trawls (but can't remember where)
Its delicious and easy if you want to give it a try.


Tomato, Basil and Zucchini Soup

1 brown onion chopped finely
1 clove garlic chopped finely
4 tins of tomatoes (whole and peeled or diced or a mixture)
A huge handful of basil torn up
3-4 zucchini (about banana sized ones)
a squeeze of tomato paste
4 cups vegetable stock

Fry onion and garlic slowly until they are golden and oozy
Add other vegetables, basil, tomato paste and stock.
Simmer for 60-90 mins and then puree.



What's your favourite soup?



  1. A perfect snowy soupy Sunday if ever there was one!

  2. perfect recipe for a perfect day Ally!
    i love a good bean or chickpea soup, hearty & comforting ♥

  3. Hi Ally, sounds like a wonderful weekend. I haven't been up the mountain in a long time and really should do it. Sitting in the pub with a roaring fire sounds good too :)

  4. Love the extremes of your climate. So much to enjoy x.

  5. Gorgeous! Particularly the pub and fire bit :-D I love this time of year too and my favourite soup to warm the cockles would be Green Split Pea & Ham Soup. Mel x

  6. I want to come and visit and have a snow day with you too, it sounds like so much fun and heading to the pub later for chips in front of the fire:) The favourite soup of the girls is potato and bacon soup but for me it's a roast vegetable soup with some damper to go with it. Have a wonderful week Ally. xx


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