Friday, June 22, 2012

~ grateful for... the end of the longest week ~

All was going swimmingly in the school holidays
Not a lot of swimming obviously because its cold in Tassie in winter but we were having a lovely little holiday.
Then the cough started...hack, hack, hack.  
Day and night (mostly night).  Hack, hack, hack.
She slept through, I didn't.

Well enough to fly to Melbourne where we had a fabulous time doing all the Tassie tourist in Melbourne stuff but then the diagnosis of whooping cough was made and the cough continued but we had to try and get medicine into her.
Never fun.
Still...not too bad...but then the little one got sick.
Really sick.
And although we're better placed than most to cope and deal and do what's necessary explosive, emergency poos at all hours of the day and night are not nice for anyone (and especially when you're travelling).
Its been going all week.  Day and night. 
(and the hack, hack, hack continues....)
We've been home every day.  Just the two of us.
Unable to move far from a toilet.
ABC kids on at all times.
Washing machine competing with it for noise factor.
(and the dryer cos obviously with all that cold, wet, wintery weather nothing dries EVER)
And we were both going quietly (and not so quietly - in fact screaming tantrumly not quietly) mad.

Today was better.
Blue skies, sunshine.
We left the house.
There were smiles and laughs.

Tomorrow is Saturday.
There will be soccer and coffee and sitting in front of the fire reading the papers.
Life moves on...gets better.
I'm grateful for that.


I'm linking up with Maxabella at Village Voices for all things grateful this week


  1. Oh dear ... poor everybody! So glad things have started to improve - hope that they continue to do so and that you have a beautiful weekend :)

  2. So good to know that everyone is feeling better. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. Beware the dreaded winter cough. That's all I can say about that! I'm just glad you're all better now. x

  4. hope everyone continues to improve & you have a lovely weekend & some sunshine :)

  5. Oh no! Poor you, poorly little ones. Hope tomorrow will be much better x.

  6. Oh that is a bit miserable. but at least you can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  7. Whooping cough? You poor things. Hoping the sun shines and the nasty germs abate, sleep is plentiful and that someone gives you a couple of hours on your own to do whatever you wish. After a week like that, you deserve it.

  8. What a horrible thing to get. Poor girl. :( I hope you make well-deserved use of your down time by the fire today. Best place to recuperate and regroup, that fire gazing xx

  9. Oh what a long week. Hope your recovery is really speedy.

  10. What a week! I do hope everyone is feeling better in no time, and hope you get some time-out too x

  11. Oh no you poor things. There are some terrible bugs about at the moment. Both Rob and I are not feeling 100% but it must be so much worse to watch your little ones be sick. Here's hoping you all get well soon.

  12. Oh the cough ... I know that one ... the lying in bed in the quiet in-between moments waiting for the next one ... because you know it's coming. Glad things are looking up :-)

  13. Oh no that is not good at all Ally. I hope that all of you are feeling much better now. Take care. xx


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