Sunday, June 3, 2012

~ photo a day... May ~

My snapshot(s) of May...there's lots of pink and usual.

We've had a busy weekend - my in-laws arrived unexpectedly on Friday afternoon (they apparently arranged it with our 3yo and assumed he'd pass the message on!).  
They did come bearing gifts - fresh eggs, 10kg of parsnips and a cherry cake so we forgave them the booking faux-pas.

We've done lots of eating, raking up leaves and crafting to get us through a chilly start to winter.
Tonight we've had roast lamb (loads of parsnips) and self-saucing chocolate pudding...I'm such a fan of winter comfort food.  Now we're dreaming up recipes to use up those parsnips...any ideas?

I'm looking forward to the school frantic morning rush, no packed lunches and no forgotten library books/homework/tennis racquets etc.

What are you looking forward to this week?



  1. Oh roast lamb ... perfect weather for it too!
    Our little ones make bookings with the grandparents often without letting us know :-)

  2. I love winter comfort food too, looking forward to my husband cooking lamb shanks next weekend!

  3. Your hexagon blanket is coming along nicely:) I'm so looking forward to the school holidays too, just three more weeks and then they'll no more early wake ups, I can't wait. A roast lamb sounds yummy for dinner on a cold night. Maybe you could use some of the parsnips in a soup or even a stew. Have a great Monday. xx

  4. I love parsnips! Roasting them, I guess a parsnip soup maybe?
    Yum. How funny is that- booking a visit through a 3 year old! Sounds like you made the most of the weekend anyhow.


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