Thursday, May 31, 2012

~ garden mood board...May ~

Winter approaches.
(We had to scrape ice off the windscreen for the first time this week - I use one of those shop cards that I never remember to have with me in the shops - like a priceline card - that's my tip of the month).

Most of the leaves have fallen, the grass is sodden, the outlook more bleak.
However, amongst the sombre browns and greys, little bursts of life appear.

Precious snowdrops, jonquils (already), hardy violas, the last of the roses, a camellia from our baby tree, occasional daisies (those ones that never die). 

If you go looking there really is beauty everywhere.  What's in your garden this month?

I'm doing a mood board every month with my friend Karin.


  1. That is just exquisite, Ally! Bravo you. Our garden could almost offer the same treats. I don't understand how the jonquils are blooming either! Love this. J x

  2. Such a lovely mood board Ally! Really love how you arranged the flowers. Winter is approaching but you have found a lot of flowering plants. :) Next month will be in the middle of the summer here and I look forward to your winter mood board. Have a lovely weekend! xo

  3. That is so pretty Ally. You just lifted my mood with your mood board! x

  4. Summer is approaching here in the eastern plains of New Mexico. The roses are beginning to bloom, the weeds are beginning to grow, the baby birds are beginning to fly.

  5. looks so much like spring! simply beautiful, ally!

  6. That is just the prettiest thing!

  7. A lovely mood board, such delicate flowers. It's all big and blousy in the UK at the moment x.


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