Wednesday, June 13, 2012

~ snap it ... every day~

{I'm a new convert to Daisy - a lovely gift from the Doc}

{something pretty is a must}

{breakfast in a stripey bowl}

{vitamin D...there's not enough going around out there}

Here are my morning "every day" rituals for Sarah's snap-it theme this week.

What's your morning routine?



  1. I like your morning ritual.

    I'm terrible at the moment, I can't seem to get up because of how dark it is!
    Usually Rob gets up to let the dogs out, and gets the coffee machine going. I usually laze in bed a moment longer looking at Instagram (so addicted) then put my contact lenses in (I never feel truly awake until that happens), and wander down to help serve breakfast. We sit side by side looking out the bifold door, with Claudia begging for leftover porridge. Then we shower and head off to work. Fairly dull I"m afraid!

  2. My morning routine basically consists of oversleeping! and quite possibly cursing my unco-operative hair ;) Oh and dodging the cat, because she loves porridge and bugs me while I eat my breakfast!

    I love Daisy too - such pretty bottles. I have managed to acquire all three versions through duty free shopping, gifts etc :)

  3. Oh it's the little treats which make us feel like a million dollars ins't it?? Love Posie

  4. There is something so lovely and comforting about morning rituals... like it's starting a fresh day exactly how we choose to or something. Lovely images of your ritual Ally xo

  5. I do love a stripey bowl at breakfast! Lovely pics as usual Ally :)

  6. nice shots of your morning- we have red spotty bowls at our place!

  7. Hi Ally, thanks so much for your comment at my blog earlier...this is my first visit to yours and I love it! I could have written so much of your bio myself. :) You take some beautiful photos and I love this ritual of yours. The only things I can count on in the morning are coffee and grey circles under my eyes! :) And Marc Jacobs Daisy is a lovely fragrance. x

  8. A lovely insight into your ritual. Mine involves putting on my swimming costume and doing a few lengths before breakfast. After that, anything can happen x.

  9. lovely crisp photos. Sorry to be so personal...but... if you had to recommend just 1 L'occitane or Trilogy?

    1. Hello www....ummm...I'm no beauty expert!!
      The trilogy is rose-hip oil which I'm new the L'Occitane as well but totally different

  10. So simply yet gorgeous.

    Mine would have to be chaos and time keeping...trying to get three little ones to school on time - no matter how organised I am.

    Happy Monday to you,

    Nina x

  11. Hello Lovely lady :) I have been off the blogging track for soo long! I love your pretty morning snap it! I am in need of new moisturiser and I love the l'Occitane ranges (or maybe it is because it is a little of home in a bottle for me :)) I did not find your envelope project link ? Never mind :) Have a great day! xx

  12. I do enjoy stopping by to see your beautiful photos Ally. Pretty flowers and stripy bowls would put a smile to my face each morning. My morning routine is lacks a little in the beauty routine but I do enjoy smelling pretty for the day and having my cup of white tea each morning. xx

  13. Do you eat oatmeal for breakfast. That's one of my favorite morning rituals.


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