Tuesday, March 31, 2015

~ taking stock March ~

Making : baskets and little Easter parcels for some snail mail friends
Cooking : carrot and chickpea soup (we both bought carrots this weekend and not much else)
Drinking : water mostly
Reading: Fete magazine - my ig friend Sarah is featured this month
Wanting: some time in the garden - there are so many jobs to do
Looking:  at bulb catalogues (before its too late)
Playing: Taylor Swift (guilty pleasure)
Deciding: whether to keep my gym membership or not - they've moved my favourite classes to unfriendly (to me) times
Wishing: my baby nephew lived closer
Enjoying: the cooler mornings and the lovely afternoons
Waiting: for the leaves to change colour
Liking:  the beautiful pears we found at the market this week
Wondering: what I should make for lunch this Friday
Loving: being part of a book club again - its so good
Pondering: whether I can fit hockey (for me) into our crammed schedule
Considering: booking a weekend conference in May
Buying: stripey tops - I've got a problem!
Watching: Offspring box series and laughing out loud Hoping: for some nice weather during the school holidays
Marvelling: at how quickly Jack learned to tie his shoe laces this week
Cringing: at our treatment of refugees
Needing: a new heat pack for winter - mine's a bit stinky
Questioning: the obsession with extreme diets
Smelling: handcream  - I've always got a tube nearby
Wearing: trackies and a stripy top
Following: this lovely blog (long term fan)
Noticing: that Nicky Gemmell seems to be sharing my brain most weekends when she writes her column
Knowing: I need to write a condolence letter to a friend but am finding it hard to find the right words
Thinking: about Tim Winton's piece in the SMH about refugees
Admiring: strong, engaged and passionate women
Sorting: out a new cupboard or drawer every week - I'm on a mission to declutter (a little bit anyway)
Getting: anxious in the middle of the night for no good reason
Bookmarking: these Easter printables for my snail mail
Coveting: a new winter coat
Disliking: rude manners in the school car-park
Opening: little boxes of mini-eggs when no one is looking
Giggling: at the dancing to Taylor Swift that goes on here in the mornings
Feeling: like I need a massage
Snacking: granny smith apples dipped in peanut butter
Wishing: my husband would stop snoring
Helping: set up a recycling collection box for coffee pods at school
Hearing: the quiet of the house at night

I'm joining in with Pip in taking stock once a month - I'm liking the idea of her new weekly photo wrap up as well.

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  1. I loved reading your list! I wonder why people obsess about strict diets too....I think I am one of those diet obsessed peeps (I'm trialling paleo at the moment). Have a lovely Easter!! PS Have your tried making carrot dip? The Lunch Lady (http://www.kateberry.com.au/) has a delicious recipe on her blog!


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